Why Walmart closing stores matters to your business plan

Low prices are not enough.  What are you doing to show customers you provide value?

Customers want something new.

You might have heard  that Wal-Mart is closing stores in several small and rural communities.  It’s a tough blow for many of those communities.  Because their small businesses were hit hard  when Wal-Mart came to town.  And now that they are leaving, customers are stuck with few options.

My friends, that spells opportunity for you!

No, I don’t mean that you should open a retail store.

But pay attention to the trend.  When the world’s biggest store starts closing stores, something is shifting.  Even if it’s only a fraction of their stores.

It means something is not working.

And that my friends… Is a great thing for entrepreneurs.


Customers want something different.  Low prices are not enough.  They need services and products that speak to THEIR needs. A new business model.

Even if you have a completely different type of business from Wal-Mart.   People are being more careful about where they spend their money.  Low prices are not enough.  They want better business models that serve them.

So keep asking how your business can do that.  How can your business serve the needs of people better?

Here’s an example:

This past winter, we got hit with a big snowstorm.  Yes, the news warned us.  But I don’t think anyone was ready because, the weather was unseasonably warm (40-50 degree) the week prior.

However, the big shift was the reactions I saw on social media.  People were complaining that young people were not knocking on doors –  offering to shovel snow.  I laughed at several memes reflecting the  frustration.  People felt the youth were too busy inside playing video games.

Ohhhh my friends.  That is an opportunity!!  

I was wishing that one of those teens would create an app.  An app that connects local community members.  Or one that matches laborers with those who need labor done.

I know some grown folks who might have wanted to earn some extra cash!  But weren’t going to knock door to door AND shovel.

So, I encourage you to put on your creative thinking cap.  Don’t think about your business from the traditional sense of pushing a a product or service.

  • What is it that people really want?
  • How can you tap into it so that you can create a service/product that has people lining up to buy from you?
  • Is it rethinking the current way that people buy your service?
  • Is it offering it only for limited peak periods?
  • Is it providing a new method of customer service – ie. limited or unlimited email access?
  • Seriously, play around with the ideas to re-create what you are offering.  Get creative and playful.

Then fill out the 1 Page Business Plan and test your idea.  Be willing to commit for 90 days to market the idea to 50 people to get their feedback.  If you get 5 or 6 people to buy the service, you might have something  solid to run with!

So tell me what interesting new ideas have emerged for you?  Share them in the comments.


Stop waiting until you get your marketing “perfect” before you share it.  Yes, you need to do the basics like check your grammar and spelling.

But once you’ve done your best, post it.

Share it.

Stop waiting until it’s “totally awesome”.   It will never reach that stage if it’s just an idea in your mind. Or sitting in draft mode.

Share it with your community.  No matter how small.

Find out what they relate to.  Listen to what doesn’t make a connection.  Be an observer.

And then you’ll be able to make EPIC content after you learn what your audience wants.

But in the interim, make some darn mistakes.  No one is going to come down and give you a red “F”.  But you will get a fail if you don’t get your message out there and start building your community…and making a difference in your future customer’s lives.

In this video, I focused the message on websites.  But this concept can be applied to most areas of business.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Because I want you making some mistakes this month!!

“When inspiration wanes, how do you get the OOMPH to continue on?”

Shout out to @ScobeScribe for starting this thread on Anchor!  In case you haven’t heard, Anchor is my new social media friend. You can talk for 2 min audios asking questions and sharing ideas back with your community.

Here is my response for how I make things happen. And if you suffer from analysis paralysis…this one is for YOU!! lol

Your Business will look EXACTLY the same next year if you don’t make this shift

Because your business will look exactly the same next year if you don't make this shift




A few months ago, I was speaking to a group about social media strategies for small businesses.  One of the participants asked several questions about how to increase her already sizable number of Facebook and Instagram followers.

We started talking offline.  And something came up during our discussion.  While she had a sizable following, she hadn’t sold anything to her audience. None of her ebooks.  No affiliate ads.  No online programs.  Nada.

2 ways Beyonce’ slayed her #Formation marketing

How you can incorporate 2 of Bey's marketing strategies to your own business.Please don’t miss the AWESOME marketing strategy that Beyonce’s team used.   Whether you agree with the politics, social media discussion, or even liked her Super Bowl performance – it doesn’t matter.

Beyonce SLAYED her marketing.

Whether you are an expert or not even sure where to start with your own marketing, you can use these strategies.  I’ll share two that are easy to implement with the time you already spending on your business.

Make it easy for people to buy your services. Do this

Stop confusing your prospects. Focus on only three services

Promote only three packages.

I know.  I know.  There are 50 things that you want to sell.  And probably 100 things that you are good at providing.

Don’t.  It’s too confusing.

Share only three services when you talk to new prospects.  People get confused when you are offering too many options.  And they will move into the indecision mindset (aka won’t spend money) rather than buy from you.

Consider the last time YOU had to make a decision with too many options.  

How to get over your fear of writing your business plan

Smart entrepreneurs use measuring to blast through their failures.


  • Are you having panic attacks thinking about writing your business plan?
  • Hearing the voices of former  teachers telling you how bad your writing is?
  • Freezing up when you try to plan out what goals to focus on?
  • Or just B.O.R.E.D. out of your mind staring at the blank page?


Then you’ll be all ears when I reveal a secret about writing your business plan.

#No2016Resolutions for your business

#no2016 biz resolutions

Don’t bother making New Year’s business resolutions this year.  Make a two month or three month goal.  Super busy and can’t see that far?  Develop a  two week goal.


Because New Year’s resolutions don’t work.  You’ll lose focus too easy.  Or find new goals and get distracted.  And once you miss the target, you’ll lose valuable momentum.

I have been guilty of this myself.  I sat down to plan my business goals this year.  I tried a few times to visualize what I wanted for my business this year.  And something kept coming up to distract me.   And I couldn’t think big picture. So it hit me:

Want more sales? Start listening

Listen closely.Now build your company.

If you find selling hard, let me offer a suggestion which could make it easier:

  • Stop talking
  • Start listening

Yes, stop telling people what you do.  Don’t tell them your title.  Or what your service offers.  Or how many different colors, sizes, bells, and whistles your product comes with.  And definitely don’t use industry terms to describe your business like everyone else does.

Curious about how it works?