2 ways Beyonce’ slayed her #Formation marketing

Please don’t miss the AWESOME marketing strategy that Beyonce’s team used.   Whether you agree with the politics, social media discussion, or even liked her Super Bowl performance – it doesn’t matter.

Beyonce SLAYED her marketing.

Whether you are an expert or not even sure where to start with your own marketing, you can use these strategies.  I’ll share two that are easy to implement with the time you already spending on your business.

1st Strategy – Her team stopped posting on Instagram for 10 days before her album release

Ummmm…. Malla.  Aren’t we supposed to be on social media?  Like constantly getting our prospect’s attention?  Why would we want to STOP posting ?

It works.  If it’s part of your strategy.

Bey’s team knows is that her fans are rabid.  They were probably scratching their heads when she stopped posting. Her team knew that all eyes would be on the page when she decided to post after a 10 day hiatus.  .

Your social media strategy will probably look a different than someone who has 59.9 million Instagram followers.  But don’t miss the point.  You need a STRATEGY.  A plan for how social media fits into your overall marketing goals. It’s not enough to post.  Think about why, how and what you are posting.

  • Are you using it to find leads?
  • Using it to meet reporters for long term public relations?
  • Developing customer relationships and enhancing your customer service?

Here are two tips to get you started on your strategy:

Post where your ideal clients hang out

Beyonce’s team can afford to be everywhere.  But if you don’t have the bandwidth, focus where you clients are.

I know.  I know.  You are sick of XXX platform.  But it doesn’t matter.  Where are your peeps?  That is where you need to hang out.

Consider 1 of these options to get you started with your strategy:

  • Engage on social media to create a community
  • Talk to prospects and customers about their needs
  • The game changer – Use social media to land new leads/clients

Pick one platform and dive in deep

My social media weapon of choice *(when I first wrote this article): Periscope.  I love it because I have a fun engaged community.  And it’s given me great insights into the questions people have around business and how a business coach like myself can help them earn more money.

That engagement is powerful.  People get a sense of how a coaching session with me might benefit them. But I can’t show up on Periscope 1x-2x a quarter.  When I first got started, I posted a ‘Scope daily during the week.    This was hard  because I’d rather focus on on weekly and monthly marketing.  But I rolled up my sleeves and saw results.

So pick one platform and go hard.  Focus, test, and get feedback on what is working and what needs adjustment.

2nd strategy = Her marketing was integrated

The concert sold out in 38 min.  High priced tickets and all.

Don’t hate the game.  Call it #nextlevelgangsta and remember: we ALL spend money on what makes us happy.

But the lesson here – Bey’s team PLANNED her sell out tour through the marketing plan.

And there is no reason why you can’t use this same strategy and integrate your marketing.

  1. Build buzz BEFORE you expect people to buy

    • Bey’s way
      • I didn’t hear much about her Super Bowl performance prior to the game.  But the 10 days of non-posting on Instagram was not a “coinky-dink”.
    • Your way
      • Consider hosting an event rather than just marketing your services the “same ‘ole, same ‘ole” way
      • Talk to your circle including your LinkedIn network, social media followers and your Christmas card list.
      • And keep it fun.  People don’t like being sold to.  So think buzz not boring!
  2. Speak DIRECTLY to your ideal peeps/raving fans

    • Bey’s way
      • The Black Panther comments.  The politicians comments. Pulllleeezzzee ain’t no way her team didn’t know her performance would draw haters to her parade.
      • But it also brings media attention and social media traffic that turns into ticket sales by her supporters.
    • Your way
      1. You don’t have use a controversial message.  But share what makes you remarkable.  What makes you different. Why should we pay attention vs the 100 other service providers who perform similar services?
      2. My recommendation is make sure your true personality radiates through.
        • Got a quirky sense of humor?  Tell us stories.
        • Known for your love affair of good eating?  Dive in.  Here is an example of one of my faves on Pinterest.   – Budget Bytes.  It’s totally different from most of the other food boards on Pinterest – cheap GOOD looking food.  She is very particular about her photos and makes the instructions super easy to follow.
        • Love talking about the funny things your kids do?  Scary Mommy built a whole brand from this idea – motherhood with a dose of sarcasm.
        • Dealt with some tough challenges with your business?  Don’t shy away. Share them.  More people will relate to your message.

So in case you can’t tell, I get a bit “geeked out” over how small businesses can apply these big business concepts.

Which tip are you going to start with first?  Share them in the comments!!


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