3 Month Business Accountability Group

For entrepreneurs who are ready to boost their results

Imagine if your service based small business had a wait list of clients and you were eager to jump out of bed each morning!

Could you picture that image of goodness?

Where customers are raving about the results you get them!

You have projects that pay well and lead to additional opportunities!

And overall you feel confident and full of gratitude because your business is growing as you imagined!!

I bet this the image you pictured when you first started your business.

  • The opportunities
  • The growth
  • The possibilities

Running a business that makes a difference AND earns a solid profit can be tough.  Marketing is hard when you are constantly trying to figure out what your people want.  Sales is scary and downright tiring from proposals to project to collecting payment.

And the dozens of hats you need to wear?  Oh child!  I know you are hustling hard.

So, stop trying to figure it out solo.

Join the Three Month Accountability Group and start seeing results in your first month!

Why do you want to join?

  1. You’ve got tons of ideas and limited time.  You need help setting the agenda and focus. Life keeps tossing you too many distractions and there is always another tech program to learn.
  2. You love your craft.  But marketing and sales are not your strength.  You could use insights on where to shift so that you can see bigger profits.   But it’s got to match your personality and style.
  3. Because it’s lonely as a solo entrepreneur. And another networking event is not going to cut it and help you solve big picture challenges.  You need a small group setting.
  4. Because you are ready to take the leap.  Small and consistent steps.  Outside of the comfort zone steps.  But you need someone to direct your path and a group to make it less scary

And your #1 reason – Because you are ready for the second half of 2017 to be radically different.  And you know it’s going to take a different approach to get there.

How does it work?

There will be 1 group call a month for 90 min

  • Month #1 –  We will set the big goal for your 90 days and the plan.  You’ll complete 1 of the challenge tasks before we leave.
  • Month #2 We will review your progress.  You’ll highlight wins and leave with suggestions on how to troubleshoot the problem areas
  • Month #3 – You’ll share your results.  What wins did you experience?  What action steps do you need to take next?   You’ll leave with a sense of accomplishment and insights into what is next on your journey.
  • In between each group call, you’ll be able to schedule a 30 min call directly with me to highlight your most pressing area.  You’ll leave with 1 or 2 solutions to ensure you reach the finish line by your 90 days.

Additional Questions

How do you host the calls?

The call is hosted on Zoom.  Video is the BEST way to ensure that you are connected to your group and makes it super easy for you to refer to your notes after the call.

What are the dates for the calls?

We will meet at Sunday nights 8pm EST.  I’ll share specific dates once you join the program.

What happens if I miss a call?

Barring a major incident, we are not able to reschedule the group calls.  Everyone will be able to get access to the group call for the month and you can still share your updates, wins and challenges via email.

How do I schedule the individual calls?

I’ll share a link for open dates on my calendar.  You can book a time at your convenience each month.

What happens if I don’t get the results I anticipated?

While I’d love to make promises, there are no promises in running a business.  Sometimes, you make an amazing hit. And other times, you learn that you need to try a different ball park.  Be open to the results and feedback.  As it might be even more of a gift than you realize.

No, what I really wondered was if you offer a money back guarantee

Sorry, boo.  I’m offering this group at a discounted rate to ensure that price is not a barrier.  In exchange, I can’t offer discounts or refunds.  But what I can promise you is that if you put in the work, you WILL get results from this group that can make a major impact on your business.  Even if they are not the results that you were originally hoping for.  It’s part of the process of developing your CEO leadership swagger.

How do I join?

The three month program is $199.  You’ll need to complete both the payment form and the inquiry below to reserve your space.  Start by completing the form below and you will receive information for payment.

3 Month Accountability group with Malla

Join the 90 day accountability group and FINALLY nail your 90 day business goals!!
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