3 reasons why you need to start sharing your personal brand in the midst of the craziness


If you KNOW you need to start your business but have every excuse in the book:

  • You don’t have enough time
  • You need to learn how to use this tech tool
  • You need to start marketing
Anddddd you keep procrastinating
Here are insights on how you can present your personal brand BEFORE you start your business.

The truth is that you need to stop waiting until you get it “perfect”. The world needs what you have. Sure, it would be great if it were perfect. But done is often better than perfect.
So stop looking at the flaws and problems. Focus more on why people really NEED what you offer as your motivation.
For example, we need more people who speak and act in integrity. With the recent events in Virginia, I’d like to see more companies who earn profits from people of color….stand up for what is right.
So here are three reasons why you need to get your brand/your voice out:

We need more quality voices

I love a good cat video. Or some adorable puppies. But five minutes after I leave the page, what has changed in my life?
However, there are a handful of people who deliver quality on their social media pages. These are people who challenge me to think and take action when I leave their pages. People like:
Jai Stone who walks the talk about branding.
Mike Street who shares an intersection of tech, Black culture, and Gen X.
Patti Lennon who demonstrates that marketing from the heart is more powerful than from the head.
There are a host of others I follow.  All who share quality.
Please join their ranks. Share your voice. Share what matters to you. So that the rest of us can ask deeper questions. Questions that will make us live life differently.
And yes, those changes will lead your first clients to finding you.

Owning a business is a form of social justice

You can spend hours supporting causes that matter by:
  • stuffing envelopes
  • making phone calls
  • speaking at career days
  • helping stuff gift baskets
But until you have access to economic resources, you won’t make an impact. The full impact that YOU desire.
It takes money to do good.
When you have the capital, you have the ability to affect the agenda. Be clear. It’s not all about money. But if you are a person who cares, why not use your voice and your resources to influence the agenda?

Running a business is hard. But people DO pay attention who keeps showing up

You’ll land clients that stay with you for the long term when you keep showing up. Even if you don’t have a product or service to sell, start talking about what matters to you. Share how it connects with your professional expertise. And how people can take away new insights or approaches to the topic.
Talk with a mentor, coach or someone at a local small business development center. Ask them about the specific steps you can take. Once they give you some ideas, pick one that suits your fancy. One that connects with you.
And stay the course. Share for at least 6 months. A year. Before you expect any results.
The results are you building your name over time. And that will lead into you starting and running a business that people will connect with. And yes, it makes it much easier to run a successful business.
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