3 Tips to Eliminate the Shame if You Need a Temp Job to Keep Your Business Afloat

You look at your checking account and start freaking out.  The balance is cringeworthy.  And it doesn’t look like you’ll earn any cash in the near future sending you into a shame spiral.

  • So you reach out to old customers and try to drum up sales
  • Pitch a few new offers
  • Look on social media and see what others in your industry are doing

But you end up with crickets.  And all of a sudden, Uber Eats is looking kinda sexy for next month’s rent.

Please, don’t fall into a shame spiral.  Don’t let anyone tell you make you feel bad because you need some part time work.  All entrepreneurs run into cash flow hiccups.  Sometimes a part time or temp job is the best solution to tide you over.

The key is tide over.  So you want to examine how to make this temporary rather than a permanent situation.  I’ve got 3 tips to get you started and make this temporary.

#1 Stop comparing your business

Open up any social media post or watch the media about entrepreneurs.  You are bound to hear the rags to riches story.  Or “How I made a gazillion dollars overnight”.

But there are fewer stories about how entrepreneurs make it through their “2am hour”.  That time when things weren’t so sexy in the business. The customers were few and far between.  And the rent/mortgage still needs to be paid. The doubts of “why am I doing this?.

So when you read their moment of success – and they gloss over this 2 am story – we naturally think that our businesses should be further along than they currently are.  It’s easy to hit a shame spiral.

No, ALL businesses go through bumps.  And the more you read or hear about these stories without knowing EXACTLY how they got to their victory moment, the harder it will seem to get your business to the revenue goal that you desire.

So I encourage you to stop judging or comparing your business to others.  Do not hold yourself up to impossible standards of “overnight success”.

You can reach your revenue goals.   But you won’t get there if you spend your energy comparing yourself to others and what SHOULD be in your bank account.

Spend that energy on figuring out what your next move is.

#2 – Tighten your social circle

I have the blessed fortune of having several close friends who are entrepreneurs.  And when things get rough, they never skip a beat.  They send me leads of freelance gigs, tell me who is hiring if I need something more long term and/or lend an understanding ear when I need to unload.

But they don’t let me wallow.  I am not allowed to sit in a shame spiral.

Over the years, I’ve learned this is one of the most valuable assets in my life.  Your business IS going to hit bumps.  But if you don’t have others in your close circle who get these ebbs and flows, you will easily get distracted.

I mean that PTO and health care do be looking kinda sweet some times…..

Please, I’m not judging.  I’ve worked full time as an employee during various points of my career.  It is wonderful to have a steady paycheck and benefits.

But I am an entrepreneur.  And I need to stay focused on my strengths and where I need to go.

So when I need to hunker down, I spend time with entrepreneurs.  Folks who get it.  Folks who won’t judge if I take a job or am dealing with a lean period.  Folks who will inspire me to keep moving forward.

Because I need to spend the rest of my energy troubleshooting.  Not justifying my decisions.

#3 Take small steps.  Consistently.

If you are currently in a difficult cash flow period, don’t try to make long term plans. Reframe your energy to get some small wins. Create a sales plan and show up daily/weekly around pitching your offer and finding prospects.

However, it’s easy to slide into moments of despair.  Things like:

  • When will this be over?
  • This really sucks
  • I wish I was finally at the top of the goal line that I envisioned

Let me offer a few words of encouragement.  Assuming you have a solid product or service that solves a problem – keep moving forward.  Assuming that you have what it takes and are game to learn what you don’t know – keep moving forward.  Some days you might take 10 steps.  Other days you might only take 1 or 2 steps towards your business goals.  But, continue DAILY to stay active, involved and keeping your eye focused on your next big win.

If you think about how a plant grows, this is the process. The seed is in the ground.  It gets sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil. Depending on the variety of plant, it will take some time to bloom.

But the small steps do add up to help the plant bloom.  So don’t despise your own journey of taking small consistent steps.

You might need to get extra support like a coach or a mentor during this time. Someone who has already reached the milepost of where you want to go and is willing to provide ongoing support and ideas.   Yes, I know it might be another “expense”.  But, when you are continuing to make progress, people will work with you during your interim periods.

So, consider these tools and stop feeling any shame in your game!



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