Meet Malla

I help businesses earn more money with the time they are already investing.

Nationally recognized, I have been featured in the New York Times,,, YFS Magazine and Fox Small Business.

I am a recipient of the New York City Small Business Award (awarded by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg) and a finalist in the Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence Urban Rebound Program.

I am truly passionate about this work and want to eliminate the headaches that service based passionate entrepreneurs have.

But don’t listen to me.  Read below what others have said:

What are people saying about coaching with me?

Malla has an acute level of listening and can pick out clues about what you really dealing with like a detective.

I highly recommend Malla’s coaching services if you are looking to have explosive business growth.

Malla helps you dig beneath the surface and get to the heart of what’s holding you back.

She focuses on strategies specific to your situation and gives you detailed advice on how to effectively market your skills to new clients.

Marianne Moro

Because of Malla’s coaching support, I’m no longer afraid to take chances on my business, Dog Trainers Connection. We just filled a workshop quicker than we ever did even though people have to pay 20 times more for a ticket! Working with Malla is 100% productive because she gives us help that actually gets us to the next level.  Her genuine and caring support is the icing on the cake for any entrepreneur!

Malla’s coaching added the philosophy of selecting the right opportunities to not only pursue, but the opportunities to steer clear of. In so many cases trainers and coaches want to place their program or style over your life, but Malla took inventory of my skillset and passions and crafted the proper roadmap “with me.” Malla helped me find my “why” and motivated me to not be afraid to live my story. I am truly indebted to Malla and look forward to having her as an advisor in my corner!

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