Assessing Last Year’s Sales: 5 Critical Questions

This was a tough year! But don’t ignore the moment and rush ahead to next year.  Instead, assess your sales through these 5 questions.

I learned about these questions after several frustrating conversations with my former accountant in the post-tax season. They would look at my sales from the prior year and ask me several questions. The questions were good. But it was often too late to do anything. So I started thinking about questions that would be important to ask prior to the end of the year.

When there is still time to do something.

I challenge you to answer these questions in your own business. This assessment can change the game. You only need a napkin to answer them. And don’t worry about doing a ton of prep. You just need to sit down and listen – whether you had an outstanding year or struggled.

So don’t buy your planner until you listen in.

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