From Sickbed to Success The Power of the Sales Plan

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves lost in a sea of tasks, not all of which fuel our financial engines. We’ll discuss the critical importance of revenue-generating tasks—those that directly contribute to your cash flow and long-term business growth. Drawing from my recent brush with illness, I’ll share how having a clear sales plan was […]

Overcoming Pricing Discomfort Even When it Feels Uncomfortable

You scrutinized your expenses and feel confident that your business should be earning more.  But somehow your earnings aren’t matching up to your hard work and you are dealing with major pricing discomfort. Do you have a pricing strategy?  That might help you charge more. It’s not enough to toss a random price tag on […]

3 questions to ask before you enter a biz grant competition

    Are you wondering if there’s a way to get free money or business grant for your business? I wanna dive into today on the three questions you need to ask before you start competitions in the hopes of getting free money. I want to  help  entrepreneurs who are just getting hit with good […]

Why it’s not always easy to say “I don’t work for free”

Have you ever completed a project and realized you didn’t charge enough for it?  Don’t feel bad!! It happens to all of us. This is a big topic for all entrepreneurs. But I think it’s an even dicier one if you identify as an under-estimated entrepreneur. Often we have been socialized differently around topics like […]

Why I’m doing a workshop on client acquisition

I’m hosting a workshop on client acquisition for underestimated entrepreneurs.  You might be curious about why I am diving into client acquisition for this group?  Check out the transcript from this episode below so that you can find the nuggets that will help you grow your business:

Sales plans: Do you really need to work on one?

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t need sales plans in my business. I’ve been doing just fine without one.” But trust me.  A sales plan can be a game-changer.  I’ve watched entrepreneurs who are concerned that sales is slimy or feels “hawky” transform their revenue through this tool.  Check out a few ways to get started […]

3 hidden reasons why your crowdfunding campaign won’t work without sales plan

 (Transcription)Why you need a sales plan if you are doing crowdfunding So you decided you wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign and you’re doing your research now to figure out what do you need to get in place to be successful or you might have launched one a few days ago and you’re thinking, […]

Are Your Sales Lagging? Create Your Plan for Success

Learn why creating a sales and marketing plan is key to reaching your revenue goals If you’re like most business owners, you’re so focused on the day-to-day operations of your business that you don’t take the time to think about the big picture and where your business is headed. Without a sales plan in place, […]

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