If you are working hard but wish you had more sales

If you are working hard and wish  you had more sales

If you are a “roll up my sleeves and I’m gonna get it done” freelancer or business owner, this post is for you.  You are smart enough to know that overnight successes are rare. You believe that starting and growing a business will take work.  Time. Resources. And you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves because you know the rewards are great.

But it would be nice to see more wins!  Especially after sleepless nights, endless networking events, and hours spent learning.  

So here are a few questions to get you started:

I have too many ideas and don’t know where to start!

Do you have too many ideas for your business and don't know where to start?  I have 3 steps to eliminate the overwhelm

Do you have too many ideas in your head after a few relaxing days of vacation? Or relishing the lazy days of summer and asking yourself, “What if I……?”

That’s great!  But it also can be very overwhelming!!

  • Which idea do you tackle first?
  • How do you know if they are good? 
  • Do they fit with the goals of your business?
  • And how the heck are you going to have enough resources to get them all done??

If you find yourself in this position, I have a few ideas to get you started.  Because it’s all about taking brainstorms and creative insights to the next level….without the overwhelm!!!

Laid off and not sure if you should invest in a business coach?

Can you relate to this scenario?  You experience a rough patch with your job. Laid off. Working in a toxic environment. And you realize this is the “do or die” moment.  You NEED to launch your business now.

But you’ve got

  • A TON of ideas
  • NO sense of what to do first
  • And an overwhelming fear that you need to get it right.  The first time.

Couple that with the stress of next month’s bills?  And friends and family who primarily depend on a 9 to grind and can’t understand your entrepreneurial ambitions? Well, you are probably in the middle of the greatest and worst opportunity of your life!!!

I’ve been there.  It’s the most exciting AND terrifying space you can occupy.  But, let me offer you one suggestion that often gets neglected. It’s the hidden nook that could uplevel your future earnings:

Stressed over your mid-year business review?

Yes, it's the mid year but you don't have to be perfect to hit your biz goals for the year

Time flies and we are almost halfway through the year.  Are you amped or depressed when you think about your business goals?

If you are thinking “how the heck did THAT much time fly by?”, I got you.  Let’s talk about getting back on track.

Real talk.

It’s June. How are those big goals going for the year?

It’s okay if you haven’t gotten as far as you wanted. That’s pretty common. We set goals and then life gets in the way.

  • You have a big move
  • Work gets crazy
  • You get sick and your whole schedule gets knocked off
  • You start working with one client and forget to market to land future clients

So much can happen and before you know it, summer is smiling at you. Soooooo #noguilt  #nojudgment.

I’m right there with you.  Ask me about my daily yoga sessions.  #epicfall. Coffee and full stomach mornings – aka breakfasts – have been calling my name.  Once my stomach is full, I find every excuse in the book to not return to my Sun Salutations.

But that all changed slightly last week.

Recently, I delivered my first keynote in California.  Made an impact on 600+ young people’s lives.

And after the talk, I discovered a major shift had taken place in my own life.

Prior to the talk, I was eating more veggies. It was all about looking on the stage! So, with this shift in eating patterns, I didn’t start my mornings with that full meal feeling.

And it opened up space to start a 5 min breathing session. No, I wasn’t in full “get on the mat” mode. But, it has nudged me closer and reminded me that I can still get back to a full practice.

I’m not saying that I’m cured.  But a small shift is making me feel less anxious and less guilty about not engaging in my full 30 min practice.

What about you? Are you ready to tackle that big goal of earning more in your business?  Start by making a small shift in your daily routine. Stop beating yourself up over doing EVERYTHING and start with 5 minutes. Find one pattern that takes 5 minutes. The key is being willing to be consistent.  

Over time, you can see results. Don’t believe me? Ask a driver how many miles that they drive each year on a daily commute. Or ask someone who left a small amount of money in the bank for several years. The first couple of days didn’t matter. But, over time things happened. The car ends the year with another 12,000 miles. Or the account ends interest that is meaningful.

So don’t stress that we are at the mid-year! Think about the business goals you have and start with a 5 min shift. You can tackle those business goals!

Need better sales for your service business?

I bet no one is telling you this solution!

If you run a service based business, sales is necessary. But darn! It can be so hard to deal with rejection when people don’t want to buy your services. Because it’s not that they are saying “no”. They are saying no to YOU!

So how do you overcome this hurdle? How do you find more people that are interested in your services? And best of all, how do you convert more people who are interested into actual paying customers?

I share a key insight in this video. There are about 20 insights in this video! LOL. As I can’t resist when it comes to helping entrepreneurs uncover what they don’t know that they don’t know.

I share the insight so you can apply it in your business. And I also give an example of how I have used it in my business.



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Do this 1 thing before you stress over your New Year revenue goals

Before you crack open the new fancy schmancy calendar,  review last year’s WINS!!!

Whether you are running a side hustle or a full time enterprise, you wear the C.E.O. hat.  At all times.  You have a responsibility to strategize, plan, and see the big picture for your business.

Even when you are still the chief bottle washer.

But that can be ALOT.  Trust me I get it.  We are pros at checking the list.

But the big picture goal setting.  Whew!  That’s hard.

  • Visualizing the growth opportunities
  • Developing a plan for marketing that includes key metrics
  • Getting out of our comfort zones
  • Understanding how to navigate the gaps and areas of where you didn’t get your goals

So here is a quick story and three easy ways  to get you started:

How to hack a Black Friday promo in hours

Because your business needs to get that Small Business Saturday $$$

How to hack a Black Friday sale in hoursIf you are struggling about how your business can participate in Black Friday, I’ve got some solutions in my video below.

Even if you are a busy shop owner – like the pie company I mentioned – you can engage in the holiday spending season.  Why?  People are going to spend money this time of year.  Why shouldn’t they support small businesses??

And yes, I get that you are an eternal perfectionist who wants to spend 10 months on your website.  Or you are still battling over which service offering to share.

I’ve got some tools to help you cut through the noise.

The truth of the matter is you HAVE to become an expert at sales.  Even if you HATE selling.  So roll up your sleeves and get some quick wins.

Plus I’ll be happy to answer any questions to arise!  Just shoot a comment to me.

Highlights from the video  include:

  1. 1 easy tool to share your Black Friday special that DOESN’T REQUIRE A WEBSITE!!
  2. The reason why ALL small businesses should run a Black Friday special – it’s more than sales
  3. How you can sell in the next few days even if you don’t have inventory

No time to listen?  No worries! I’ll share the highlights below the video.

The #1 reason why you must run a Black Friday promo

Even if it freaks you out

Don't worry about just sales for Black Friday. There is a bigger win that you can gain from offering a promotion.I’m betting you have a list of reasons why you aren’t interested in promoting a Black Friday special.

  • I can’t afford to discount my prices drastically.
  • I don’t have a ton of inventory.
  • I wouldn’t know where to start.
  • I don’t have the business model that makes sense to run a Black Friday special.
  • It’s just too much work to my already overloaded calendar

These are all legit concerns.  It IS a heavy lift. You to think and execute a promotion that makes sense to your bottom line.

However, you might want to participate after listening to the audio below.  There are sooooo many benefits besides earning revenue.  Sure, sales is a great thing!  But as a small business owner you want to learn how to connect with your people intimately – and Black Friday specials can help you do just that.

So listen to the audio or read the short list below:

Why “I want a mentor” is the wrong question to build your business

I overheard someone asking “Would you be my mentor?”  It’s such a tough question!! You are trying to grow your business and need help. But you know that your chances of getting “yes” are pretty slim.

So how do you do it well?

I participated in a small business mentoring roundtable this year.  Attendees asked one question and the mentors shared advice.  My job – along with the other mentors – was to give amazing on the spot coaching.

Which of course, lead to ongoing mentoring requests as soon as the event concluded.

But, I had the chance to see a few participants nail the request.  I wanted to share how they did it. It might give you some ideas to grow your business by getting expert advice  in your corner.