How 10 min with LinkedIn can help you build better business relationships

Tips for busy service based entrepreneurs who want to earn more

Finding and building relationships is TOUGH when you run a service based business. Learn why I recommend LinkedIn as one option for your marketing
Do you have a LinkedIn account?  Great!  Get a stack of business cards – collecting dust – and add them to your account.  The cards which frustrated you because, you didn’t know what to do after you first met the person.  
Finding and building relationships is TOUGH when you run a service based business.  You know that marketing is important  –  ie. attending networking events and conferences or meeting  for coffee.
But every hour you spend marketing is a lost hour on a client project.  I had it happen myself this week.  I wanted to work on my social media marketing plan.  But two clients called.  And my planning went out the window.  
Since it’s time consuming to maintain business relationships, consider LinkedIn as part of your marketing plan.  
But enter the cards in manually.  Why?  Can’t you automatically upload them?  
You can.  But you’ll want to read more to see why I recommend the manual method.  Even if you are time strapped.  And even if you’d rather be doing anything BUT marketing. 

Nail your first trade show booth

Nail your first trade show booth - Before you spend a dime on marketing materials and displays, travel and logistics, ask yourself this question:

Nail your first trade show booth – Before you spend a dime on marketing materials and displays, travel and logistics, ask yourself this question:

Taking the plunge and exhibiting at an upcoming trade show/conference or large exhibit?  Exciting!

Before you spend a dime on marketing materials and displays, travel and logistics, ask yourself this question:

Two ways to earn more money this year

So did you start the 30 day challenge of writing down your patterns and habits? Oh my friends, if you have not gotten on board, I encourage you to try it!

I started it myself and ended up with an aaaammmmzazzzzzing solution.  I decided to shorten one of my workshops and offer it for free.  Why?  Because I’ll gain much more interest if I use it for gathering new friends and fans rather than charging for it.  Once people attend, I know they will get the value and want more.  And I get the double win-win of delivering a message I am super passionate about!!!

When this revelation hit, I thought about other ways that you could earn more money.  After you finish your “non resolutions” time, what else can you do to earn more money in your business?  I’ve got two ideas for you:

How do you think creatively when all chaos is breaking loose?

more creative Less chaosI’ve been working like a crazy woman these past few months.  I’ve run thirteen events from marketing the registration website to the final thank yous; worked with two large clients on conferences or trainings; held strategy calls with clients’  wrote for my blog and other blogs; and gone through an intense review and rehaul of my personal brand.

Whew!  And that’s the short list!!! lol.

I am truly appreciative of the support and advice that I’ve received.  And y’all know I am fan of focusing on priorities.    But….. Shock!! Horror!!  Surprise!!  It doesn’t always work out perfectly.

(OK that was an attempt at sarcasm.  Humor me!!)

And I’ve gained a powerful insight.  Your enemy isn’t time.

It’s the “RIGHT” time you need.  Creative time for your entrepreneurial muscles to dream, think creatively and work on strategy for your business future.   And it’s not just as simple as carving time in your calendar.   First you have to stop the “things to do list” running in the background.  And then you have to get silent to figure out what you clients really need.

So what’s a girl to do when it’s hectic?  See my ideas below.

Kill your long things to do list and just focus on two things

I used this tip when I first started using social media.  Focus. Focus. Focus.  Stop trying to do EVERYTHING all at once.

Yes, yes, yes, I know the things on your list seem important.  But are they really putting money in your pocket?

Far too often, we focus on too many things.  We miss out on the all important areas of your business – marketing and sales.  Because it’s really about the clients at the end of the day – how can we best serve them and how do we find more?

Start being ruthless when you need to add things to your list.  Unless it’s taxes, focus more on the revenue generating activities and less on the busy work.

And for all of you about to cheer that social media can take the place of your marketing plan – don’t believe the hype!  lol.  Social media is just ONE area of your overall marketing strategy. So don’t think sitting in front of the computer RTing all day and posting FB messages is making a difference to your bottom line.  (I say this as I put down my tablet and log off of Pinterest.  So trust me – I get it!).  Keep social media as part of your overall strategy – not your whole marketing plan

Your 3 Step “Before You Start” Marketing Plan

FRESH-4I was chatting with a client recently about new products that she wanted to launch.  She was so pumped because she just knew the products could really help her customers.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  I couldn’t help but get jazzed with her.

And then I started thinking.  Is this really where she should spend her time to grow her business brand?  How does she launch her business AND get her marketing off the ground?  How does everything move from the idea stage into into cash flow?

Please be clear –  I get really jazzed when I hear my clients talk about new business ideas and launches.  I know it’s embedded in your life mission and purpose.  And there is nothing I want more than to support that.

But my job is to listen carefully to what my clients are not saying and address areas that could turn up and create disasters with a launch – ie lost money, no money, bad positioning.

So we took a step back and I started asking her questions about the products.  Like how she could spread the word via social media, her newsletter, in person events, etc.

And that started to get the real heart of the question:

Why your business is no different than a no name bottle of water

Why do they pick you?I love this activity that I teach to help entrepreneurs figure out their unique positioning.  I call it the “Water Bottle Activity”.

When a customer thinks about buying water, they have at least 4-5 choices.  What makes select the brand they do?  And why do they often choose it every time?

Ummm the ingredients are the same.  Although I hear the faint echo of the water companies beating down my door to explain the difference.  I wish they would.  I need more info for this activity to really do it justice!

I usually ask the class to pick their favorite choice.  There is often a class favorite.  It varies based on the region where I’m doing the activity, the ratio of male vs female and a few other lifestyle factors – ie. frequent airline travelers.

But for the most part, they pick the same brand time and time again.

Any guesses why? 

Your three social media profiles #15min social media

Just get started, Girl!So you have your name and your photo from my earlier post on starting your Social Media in 15 min

Now you get to finish up the profile – who hoo!

Let me offer a few simple targeted steps for each tool:


Facebook has the easiest profile to fill out because it’s generated by a few standard questions.  You can easily bang out – work at, live at, studied at.   Include some basic contact information and your birthdate (you don’t have to include the  year but give people a way to send some Bday love)

Create your profile – #15 min social media

Ohhhh you look good online!If you haven’t read my earlier posts on Starting a Social Media campaign in 15 minutes, check them out.  I designed this series to prevent information overload.  And don’t get caught up on the ease of the steps.  They are designed to be short and convince you to take action.

Create a profile

You’ll spend the next three days on this step – making your public debut by creating a profile.  The hardest profile to create is your first one.  Once you create your first profile, you’ll be able to import themes and info into your next profile.

But your first one is the hardest to start because you are staring at a blank page.