Stressed over your mid-year business review?

Yes, it's the mid year but you don't have to be perfect to hit your biz goals for the year

Time flies and we are almost halfway through the year.  Are you amped or depressed when you think about your business goals?

If you are thinking “how the heck did THAT much time fly by?”, I got you.  Let’s talk about getting back on track.

Real talk.

It’s June. How are those big goals going for the year?

It’s okay if you haven’t gotten as far as you wanted. That’s pretty common. We set goals and then life gets in the way.

  • You have a big move
  • Work gets crazy
  • You get sick and your whole schedule gets knocked off
  • You start working with one client and forget to market to land future clients

So much can happen and before you know it, summer is smiling at you. Soooooo #noguilt  #nojudgment.

I’m right there with you.  Ask me about my daily yoga sessions.  #epicfall. Coffee and full stomach mornings – aka breakfasts – have been calling my name.  Once my stomach is full, I find every excuse in the book to not return to my Sun Salutations.

But that all changed slightly last week.

Recently, I delivered my first keynote in California.  Made an impact on 600+ young people’s lives.

And after the talk, I discovered a major shift had taken place in my own life.

Prior to the talk, I was eating more veggies. It was all about looking on the stage! So, with this shift in eating patterns, I didn’t start my mornings with that full meal feeling.

And it opened up space to start a 5 min breathing session. No, I wasn’t in full “get on the mat” mode. But, it has nudged me closer and reminded me that I can still get back to a full practice.

I’m not saying that I’m cured.  But a small shift is making me feel less anxious and less guilty about not engaging in my full 30 min practice.

What about you? Are you ready to tackle that big goal of earning more in your business?  Start by making a small shift in your daily routine. Stop beating yourself up over doing EVERYTHING and start with 5 minutes. Find one pattern that takes 5 minutes. The key is being willing to be consistent.  

Over time, you can see results. Don’t believe me? Ask a driver how many miles that they drive each year on a daily commute. Or ask someone who left a small amount of money in the bank for several years. The first couple of days didn’t matter. But, over time things happened. The car ends the year with another 12,000 miles. Or the account ends interest that is meaningful.

So don’t stress that we are at the mid-year! Think about the business goals you have and start with a 5 min shift. You can tackle those business goals!

Black Panther – Why this movie could make you a BETTER entrepreneur

If you haven’t heard the buzz about Black Panther, you might be on a serious social media/news fast!  The movie is breaking all types of records and has generated a solid cult following.
As an small biz coach who wants to see more small businesses succeed by connecting the dots, I couldn’t resist.  There are some SOLID business principles embedded in this movie.
Like you needed an excuse to go back and see it again. LOL
So let me dive in.  I’ve got three tools from Black Panther can help you strengthen your entrepreneurial leadership prowess:

What women really need to know about starting a business

And, no it's not the business plan


Are you a female and want to start a business? Or grow your service based business to earn some serious cash flow?
I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about the increasing number of women entrepreneurs. I’m happy when ANYONE starts a business. But I have a special place in my heart for any female who takes the plunge.
But, there is a big factor that people are NOT talking about. Women are starting businesses but they are often not….

Why I’m not bothered that we didn’t create vision boards at my recent workshop

If you want more than fancy doodads and trips, you'll look for these deeper visioning and goal setting opportunities. Y’all I hosted a vision board workshop. And we didn’t even get to the part where you create the board.  But, I couldn’t be happier!  LOL

Why this insanity you ask???

Because visions boards are about much more than pasting pretty pictures.  It is more than cutting fancy ads about the doodads you want or places you want to travel.

  • It’s about tapping into your core dreams.
  • Uncovering possibilities that you have buried.
  • And drafting a plan to bring this ideas to life.

Without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

Because here is something many entrepreneurial leaders know about goal setting and dreams:

Be the CEO of your business and do a vision board

When I first heard about vision boards, I thought they were for people who believed unicorn poop is magical and money trees do really grow. I was too busy sweating in the trenchesWhen I first heard about vision boards, I thought they were for people who believed unicorn poop is magical and money trees do really grow.   I was too busy sweating in the trenches.

  • Focusing on SWOT analysis and keeping the damn lights on
  • Finding new customers and keeping them happy
  • And my all time favorite, return on investment. Or as I like to think about it – will my blood, sweat, and tears today pay off tomorrow?

I didn’t have no stinkin’ time to be pasting pictures on a posterboard. I was building a business!

Until I realized recently how vision boards REALLY work.

Why Walmart closing stores matters to your business plan

Low prices are not enough. What are you doing to show customers you provide value?

Customers want something new.

You might have heard  that Wal-Mart is closing stores in several small and rural communities.  It’s a tough blow for many of those communities.  Because their small businesses were hit hard  when Wal-Mart came to town.  And now that they are leaving, customers are stuck with few options.

My friends, that spells opportunity for you!

No, I don’t mean that you should open a retail store.

But pay attention to the trend.  When the world’s biggest store starts closing stores, something is shifting.  Even if it’s only a fraction of their stores.

It means something is not working.

And that my friends… Is a great thing for entrepreneurs.

How to get over your fear of writing your business plan

Smart entrepreneurs use measuring to blast through their failures.


  • Are you having panic attacks thinking about writing your business plan?
  • Hearing the voices of former  teachers telling you how bad your writing is?
  • Freezing up when you try to plan out what goals to focus on?
  • Or just B.O.R.E.D. out of your mind staring at the blank page?


Then you’ll be all ears when I reveal a secret about writing your business plan.

#No2016Resolutions for your business

#no2016 biz resolutions

Don’t bother making New Year’s business resolutions this year.  Make a two month or three month goal.  Super busy and can’t see that far?  Develop a  two week goal.


Because New Year’s resolutions don’t work.  You’ll lose focus too easy.  Or find new goals and get distracted.  And once you miss the target, you’ll lose valuable momentum.

I have been guilty of this myself.  I sat down to plan my business goals this year.  I tried a few times to visualize what I wanted for my business this year.  And something kept coming up to distract me.   And I couldn’t think big picture. So it hit me:

Want more sales? Start listening

Listen closely.Now build your company.

If you find selling hard, let me offer a suggestion which could make it easier:

  • Stop talking
  • Start listening

Yes, stop telling people what you do.  Don’t tell them your title.  Or what your service offers.  Or how many different colors, sizes, bells, and whistles your product comes with.  And definitely don’t use industry terms to describe your business like everyone else does.

Curious about how it works?  

3 Tips to Grow Your Biz

My recent podcast on DogTrainersConnection with Bonnie Brown

Want tips on how you can earn more money in your micro-business while doing what you love?  Then you’ll enjoy this podcast interview.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bonnie Brown, Founder of The Dog Trainers Connection.  She asked a very powerful question for dog trainers who love what they do but want help in growing their business.  Podcast interview by The Dog Trainers Connection and Malla Haridat


Dog trainers – like most service professionals – have to juggle the dual task of serving their clients AND serving their OWN business – aka finding more clients and juggling the many roles of running a business. That’s not easy!!!

So I shared three powerful tips on how dog trainers and other service professionals can grow their biz.

Send me any questions you have after you listen!