Your sucky time management isn’t the problem with your business

Your sucky time management isn’t the problem with your business.  You don’t have a time management problem.  You haven’t even scratched the surface.  The real problem is

Your sucky time management isn’t the problem with your business. You haven’t even scratched the surface. The real problem is

It always seems like time is the enemy.  You aren’t making enough money because you can’t seem to get everything done?  There is too much “to do” and not enough time.

I hear this scenario all of the time from entrepreneurs.  I woke up motivated, Malla.  I had a PLAN!  A few marketing tasks.  Some sales calls.  And a list of operational tasks.  I knew it was going to happen.  But I fell off after:

  • one too long visit with my accountant and a reminder about taxes
  • a no call/no voicemail prospect who told me she was interested but has ignored all of my calls
  • and the three hours I spent messing around with that plug-in which still isn’t working on my website.

I get it!  But you don’t have a time management problem.  You haven’t even scratched the surface.  The real problem is

Do this 1 thing during the busy holidays for your business

Before you sit down to the holiday meal, do this one thing that will take NO time and help you build your business next year.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself on everything that you accomplished this year.

Whatttt? I’m not telling you to:

  • Review your marketing and tweak who you your ideal client is
  • Update your website
  • Work on your long things to do list
  • Revamp your website
  • Get to work on your sales plan (Which btw these are all good ideas if you’ve got 30 min or more!!)

Nope. I want you to take some serious well deserved down time. Ignore the fact that you are not earning the money YET that you’d like. And spend quality time with family, friends, and doing what makes your heart happy this holiday season.

Start 2015 On The Positive!

Are you freaking out about the business goals that you wanted to achieve this year….and haven’t tackled?

Are you freaking out about the business goals that you wanted to achieve this year….and haven’t tackled?

Trust me, I can relate. It’s easy to get distracted from running your business:

  • Family obligations
  • Social events
  • Answering crazy emails
  • Bills
  • Serving current clients while you stress trying to get new ones

So if you glanced up in panic mode but are ready to take action, I’ve got two ideas for you:

Two ways to earn more money this year

So did you start the 30 day challenge of writing down your patterns and habits? Oh my friends, if you have not gotten on board, I encourage you to try it!

I started it myself and ended up with an aaaammmmzazzzzzing solution.  I decided to shorten one of my workshops and offer it for free.  Why?  Because I’ll gain much more interest if I use it for gathering new friends and fans rather than charging for it.  Once people attend, I know they will get the value and want more.  And I get the double win-win of delivering a message I am super passionate about!!!

When this revelation hit, I thought about other ways that you could earn more money.  After you finish your “non resolutions” time, what else can you do to earn more money in your business?  I’ve got two ideas for you:

Don’t waste your time making New Year’s Resolutions

Please do not bother making ANY resolutions at the beginning of this year. Because they don’t work. Here is what you can do instead:

Please do not bother making ANY resolutions at the beginning of this year.

Yes, the small business strategist who loves to ensure you are setting goals, planning and thinking big is telling you NOT to make resolutions.

Because they don’t work.  So you are wasting your valuable energy.

Here is what you can do instead:

Is your business ready for 2014?

This year I'm gonna(fill in the blank)

Or are you still wondering…what the heck happened to last year’s wish list? Here’s what you do to change your biz…

Don’t look up at the calendar.  But in a few days, it’s going to be 2014.

Are you ready for your business to earn more revenue, take on more clients and be able to give more value away?

Or are you still wondering…what the heck happened to your 2013 wish list?

Well have no fear!  You’ve got a few days  to end the year with a bang.

So here’s what I want you to do – go back to the resolutions that you had for your business in early 2013.  You know the list of things that you said “This year ….I’m gonna do _________________”

(And no judgment here if you can’t even find the list!)

Start your business where your talents are

Your talents do pay

Find a way to build your business using your talents/passions/strengths to solve other people’s problems.

Is there something that you love to do?  A talent you have?  Something that you know you are good at?

I remember the first time that I “found” one of my talents.  I had to teach a group of rowdy 6th graders in an afterschool program when the main instructor failed to show up.  I didn’t have formal teacher training.  There was no other teaching professional who could lend a hand.   Heck, I didn’t even have a lesson plan.

So I brainstormed a game that would keep the kids busy for 20 min.  During this time, I planned activities for the rest of the session.  I didn’t care about formal instruction and pedagogy.  I just something to keep the kids from killing each other and hopefully learn something fun in the process.

By the end of the class, one student told me it was the best class he ever had.  Bananas.  I was hooked. And sought out ways to leverage my talent.

Many years later, people tell me all the time – Malla I want to build a business using my talents.  I get it.  But it’s hard to figure out what to do when you are getting started.

What makes it difficult?

  • Time – how do you find the time to do the research and get customers?
  • Money – Sure you could work with 500 people on your first day if you had an advertising budget for 2 million
  • Too few mentors – geeez this isn’t working but who can genuinely help me?

And the biggest one of all – The naysayers who doubt you can build a business using your talents.

So what do you do?

How vacation can help you prioritize email

I learned this lesson the hard way when I took a vacation a few years ago.  The email “demons” can rob you of your time!!!

So now, I’ve learned to say “NOT NOW!” by using this technique to help me manage my email inbox.

Is it simple?  Yes.  It’s a super easy one that might have you saying “DUhhhhhh!” after you hear it.  But The simplicity might make it so easy that you forget to use it once you turn off the video.

So for this video, I encourage you to log into your email, watch the video and take action.

Tell me what other ideas you use to tame your email inbox in the comments below.  Or what are you having problems with that you’d like help on with your inbox?  I’m game for either!


Stressed out and need more time to run your business?


Need to find more time in your schedule?  But you don’t even have time to schedule a call with an organization expert or coach to figure it out?  lol.  No worries!  I got you.

Let me help you reclaim your time doing housework and trying to run your business.   I started using these tips recently while juggling my business, my full time (and a half job) and family and personal life.  I’ve found this one in particular to be game changing.  I’m not as stressed out and have more brain power to spend on my business.


Don’t miss the simplicity of this step.  It is often easy to bypass because you think “that’s too expensive” or “I really don’t need that”.   But think about what it’s costing you to NOT get things done in your business?  That’s your real loss so take action before you leave the computer today.

And yes, I created this video to be under 2 min on purpose.  I want you to spend less time learning and more time doing what you love.

Share  your thoughts and feedback.  Yes, I know they are simple.  But they are so simple that you are probably not DOING them.

Ladies, let’s make BIG failures this year!

Oh yeah, let's failTo my fellow women entrepreneurs – let’s make some BIG failures.

Yup, I said it.  BIG failures.

Because if you are making (notice I said making – not planning) big failures in your business, it means that you are taking big leaps in your business.  Ideally these are strategic and focused big leaps that will help gain visibility for your brand, better systems for how you run the business, and overall a larger revenue in the long run.

And you just gotta get comfortable that along the way of taking those leaps – that mistakes are going to happen.

I find that many women entrepreneurs are not comfortable taking those big leaps.  We gather information like we gather our favorite belongings – stack ’em up and have a ton of selections.  We talk with other entrepreneurs and plan ideas for what we are going to do to maintain our lifestyle and run our business.