Laid off and not sure if you should invest in a business coach?

Can you relate to this scenario?  You experience a rough patch with your job. Laid off. Working in a toxic environment. And you realize this is the “do or die” moment.  You NEED to launch your business now.

But you’ve got

  • A TON of ideas
  • NO sense of what to do first
  • And an overwhelming fear that you need to get it right.  The first time.

Couple that with the stress of next month’s bills?  And friends and family who primarily depend on a 9 to grind and can’t understand your entrepreneurial ambitions? Well, you are probably in the middle of the greatest and worst opportunity of your life!!!

I’ve been there.  It’s the most exciting AND terrifying space you can occupy.  But, let me offer you one suggestion that often gets neglected. It’s the hidden nook that could uplevel your future earnings:

Embrace the idea of investing in your business

Yeah, I know you are stressed out about the bills. And how long your savings might last.  That’s a legitimate concern.

But consider that if you want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to make different financial decisions than when you were an employee.

  • Entrepreneurs invest in current needs AND future growth.
  • Employees generally spend money on needs and what makes them happy NOW.

This is NOT a judgment call.  I know that housing and lifestyle needs are crazy expensive.  Talk to me about childcare and college costs. You’ll get me on the soapbox for hours.  

But as you move into the entrepreneurship space, consider this new pattern.

Yes, there are a crap ton of logistics and things you’ll need to do to start your business

  • Getting an EIN number
  • Legal structures
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Clarifying what you sell
  • Finding customers


When you opt to become an entrepreneur – even if it’s a side hustle for a few extra bucks – you want to consider how to launch and grow your business.


In other words, you might be the best baker on your block.  Your cakes are slamming. Like “take off my shoes and curl my toes” amazing.  #canyoutastethat

But if you want a line of customers out of the door on a consistent basis, you’ll need

  • A marketing plan
  • A sales plan
  • A financial plan that includes ideas when your customer lines are long and short
  • A growth plan that considers when you need to hire and how your business will scale
  • And the savvy and patience to deal with all the hurdles in between

You need a plan that keeps people coming back to your business for years. For the newly initiated, it’s often the “non shiny” stuff. The systems you set up to test your ideas. Your recordkeeeping that helps you analyze the big and small spending. The system that keeps you talking to current and future customers. The insights for how to handle things when mistakes happen.

I’ve heard dozens of stories from start-ups.  I know my own story and the long list of mistakes I’ve made. It’s easy to spend money on the things that don’t necessarily get money in the door but make you feel good.

Things like:

  • Fancy logos that don’t convert prospects into customers
  • The website that looks beautiful but doesn’t support customers purchases
  • A business address that screams high end and costs too much
  • The fancy events filled with people who aren’t in your target market

Don’t get me wrong!  This list can be a HUGE boost later in your business lifecycle.   First, do the nitty gritty and figure out :

  • Why will they buy? After you tap out your friends and family network, who is going to spend money on a regular basis?  What problem do you solve?
  • Why from me?  Yes, every business has a current or future competitor.  And if you think you are bullet proof, go talk to the yellow cab drivers after the ride sharing apps hit the market.
  • What skills am I lacking which will get my business to the first financial milestone?

Ouch!  Did that last one hurt a bit???

The information isn’t lacking.

It’s knowing how to apply the information to your specific business model that is the challenge.

And often, you can’t see your own blind spots.

Yes, we know that there are many success stories.  People who share their “pull themselves up from their bootstraps” story.  They don’t highlight business coaches or mentors. But, often they had amazing people behind the scenes.  Or enough finances to survive until they figured out how to make it work.   If you listen to founder’s stories when they are open and transparent, you will hear a pattern.  No one starts and grows a successful business on their own.

So consider shifting your patterns to

I can’t afford this


I can’t afford NOT to do this

Now, a business coach is NOT a magic bullet.  There are some great ones. But if you aren’t doing the work, you won’t get results.   

Nor should you sell your first born to work with someone.

But if you find the right coach or combination of coaches, it can shave years off your learning curve.  You can reach your goals with less stress. .

Yes,  shiny object syndrome is real.  But, if you want to see real growth, find someone who will push you outside of your comfort zone.

Need better sales for your service business?

I bet no one is telling you this solution!

If you run a service based business, sales is necessary. But darn! It can be so hard to deal with rejection when people don’t want to buy your services. Because it’s not that they are saying “no”. They are saying no to YOU!

So how do you overcome this hurdle? How do you find more people that are interested in your services? And best of all, how do you convert more people who are interested into actual paying customers?

I share a key insight in this video. There are about 20 insights in this video! LOL. As I can’t resist when it comes to helping entrepreneurs uncover what they don’t know that they don’t know.

I share the insight so you can apply it in your business. And I also give an example of how I have used it in my business.



Please share this post with anyone you know would benefit!


Do this 1 thing before you stress over your New Year revenue goals

Before you crack open the new fancy schmancy calendar,  review last year’s WINS!!!

Whether you are running a side hustle or a full time enterprise, you wear the C.E.O. hat.  At all times.  You have a responsibility to strategize, plan, and see the big picture for your business.

Even when you are still the chief bottle washer.

But that can be ALOT.  Trust me I get it.  We are pros at checking the list.

But the big picture goal setting.  Whew!  That’s hard.

  • Visualizing the growth opportunities
  • Developing a plan for marketing that includes key metrics
  • Getting out of our comfort zones
  • Understanding how to navigate the gaps and areas of where you didn’t get your goals

So here is a quick story and three easy ways  to get you started:

How to hack a Black Friday promo in hours

Because your business needs to get that Small Business Saturday $$$

How to hack a Black Friday sale in hoursIf you are struggling about how your business can participate in Black Friday, I’ve got some solutions in my video below.

Even if you are a busy shop owner – like the pie company I mentioned – you can engage in the holiday spending season.  Why?  People are going to spend money this time of year.  Why shouldn’t they support small businesses??

And yes, I get that you are an eternal perfectionist who wants to spend 10 months on your website.  Or you are still battling over which service offering to share.

I’ve got some tools to help you cut through the noise.

The truth of the matter is you HAVE to become an expert at sales.  Even if you HATE selling.  So roll up your sleeves and get some quick wins.

Plus I’ll be happy to answer any questions to arise!  Just shoot a comment to me.

Highlights from the video  include:

  1. 1 easy tool to share your Black Friday special that DOESN’T REQUIRE A WEBSITE!!
  2. The reason why ALL small businesses should run a Black Friday special – it’s more than sales
  3. How you can sell in the next few days even if you don’t have inventory

No time to listen?  No worries! I’ll share the highlights below the video.

The #1 reason why you must run a Black Friday promo

Even if it freaks you out

Don't worry about just sales for Black Friday. There is a bigger win that you can gain from offering a promotion.I’m betting you have a list of reasons why you aren’t interested in promoting a Black Friday special.

  • I can’t afford to discount my prices drastically.
  • I don’t have a ton of inventory.
  • I wouldn’t know where to start.
  • I don’t have the business model that makes sense to run a Black Friday special.
  • It’s just too much work to my already overloaded calendar

These are all legit concerns.  It IS a heavy lift. You to think and execute a promotion that makes sense to your bottom line.

However, you might want to participate after listening to the audio below.  There are sooooo many benefits besides earning revenue.  Sure, sales is a great thing!  But as a small business owner you want to learn how to connect with your people intimately – and Black Friday specials can help you do just that.

So listen to the audio or read the short list below:

Should I accept half of my regular rate if I really need the money?

How to decide if you should take client work when you are in a lean season

Need to decide to take a project earning much less than your usual rate? Here are some tools to make it work:
It’s a common problem when you freelance/consult. You have a group of good paying clients. Life is rosy. Invoices and cash are coming in. Bills and expenses are paid on-time.
Until you reach the famine period. Where the work dries up. And you are stuck trying to figure out how to make rent/lights next month.
So you start “rainmaking”. You call evvvvvverrrryone and their brother. You spend hours on social media and jumping into groups to get a new client.  You find one person willing to hire you. But they will only pay you half of your normal rate. Citing their own cash flow issues. You sense that you might need to spend a good deal of time working on the project. But at least it would be some cash in the bank.

What do you do?

Black Panther – Why this movie could make you a BETTER entrepreneur

If you haven’t heard the buzz about Black Panther, you might be on a serious social media/news fast!  The movie is breaking all types of records and has generated a solid cult following.
As an small biz coach who wants to see more small businesses succeed by connecting the dots, I couldn’t resist.  There are some SOLID business principles embedded in this movie.
Like you needed an excuse to go back and see it again. LOL
So let me dive in.  I’ve got three tools from Black Panther can help you strengthen your entrepreneurial leadership prowess:

The 1 goal that really matters in the New Year

Focus on the life changing goals for your business rather than getting distracted by the out of the ordinary moments.I saw a car on fire during the AM commute.  I hoped that the driver was OK.
But I wasn’t OK with the reaction of other drivers.
–No one got out to help.
–No one helped him flag down help.
Instead they stopped, stared, and caused a massive pile up.
And it made me wonder. Why do people stare intently on events that don’t matter but are cautious about what they can control? 
Be clear.  I am not pointing fingers.  I have my own vices.  Talk to me while I surfing Pinterest for new recipes or natural hair care videos on Youtube. You might hear some choice words.
But, if we are going to be successful entrepreneurs, we need to have a way to refocus our attention.  Especially when something occurs that sidetracks our focus.

3 game changing tips if you want to start your business next year

I heard some amazing start-up business ideas this year.  So, if you are ready to start your business next year, consider these tips as you prepare.

Because starting a business is like my favorite Facebook status – It’s complicated.

And rather than share the traditional checklist like:

  • Consider your legal structure
  • Order business cards and secure your domain name
  • Create an elevator pitch

I wanted to dive into the oft-neglected steps.  These are the things that can trip up entrepreneurs if you don’t plan for them.  I’ve heard all types of stories in my business plan classes this year. And I’ve taken notes when listening to successful entrepreneurs share their stories.

So take heed and start your business on a high note!  Read below: