Why I’d rather be doing …………. rather than marketing – Part 2

Marketing games for non marketersDislike marketing?  Rather be spending time DOING your business rather than finding customers?  I get it.

Check out my suggestions in my first post.

We are not going after perfection here.  But you need a plan.  So have fun with your strategy day first and then come back to Step #2 and #3.

What pink bubble gum vodka can teach you about your customers?

What do your customers really want?I was standing on line recently doing my holiday shopping and someone asked for pink bubblegum vodka.

Don’t hold judgment on me that I was in the liquor store shopping.  I live with a toddler at home.  lol

Without batting an eye, the clerk came from behind the counter and shared with the customer that she would search the inventory and see if she had something that would suit her taste.   She kept talking with the customer about the types of liquors she preferred, her favorite vodkas, the best mixed drink she had, the worst drinks she had tasted, who she was buying the vodka for, etc.

Not once did she ask the question I had on my tongue – PINK BUBBLEGUM VODKA?  Are you kidding me?