Don’t get fixated on your planner this New Year

Sorry but another planner ain't gonna fix your business. Try this easier solution

It’s tempting to get “goo goo gaa gaa” over creating new goals at the beginning of the year.

  • The sales teasing you to buy new planners
  • The webinars inviting you to set powerful intentions
  • The books, blogs, the articles that beckon you to live your life fully
  • The feeling of being left out if you don’t make big goals

I love all of it.

But please don’t buy into the hype this year.  Don’t get stuck planning.  Get started on DOING.  Because I want to see you smile when the clock strikes December 2017.

Stop stressing on the possibilities.  Yes, those are wonderful. But what matters is:

You must do this before you zone out for the holidays

Because you can do this 1 thing and set better business goals next year

This is the one key task you must do if you want to set better business goals next year

Take an honest look at your numbers.

I know.  This isn’t the “whoo hooo we are goal setting ” moment that you wanted.  No planners.  No cool strategy maps.  No vision boards or business plans.

Instead, it’s a quiet moment of reflection for some.  Or a “Let’s come to the altar and pray ” moment for others.

All you need to do is ask yourself two questions:

  1. How much did I make?
  2. How much did I spend?

Do not JUDGE your wins or “fails”

If you are anything like the Type As I often work with, you’ll feel like a failure.  It’s easy when you start thinking about your plans for the year.  The comparisons with other businesses.  And what you know in your heart your business can earn.

Instead consider yourself a researcher.  Someone gathering data.  Numbers that don’t mean anything.  No stories.  

Do you really need a business phone if you are 1 person service business?

Don't drop the cash 'til you figure out the full impact

Yes, you look professional and it's a tax write off. But you might want to dig deeper. How does it affect your business model, your brand, and your leadership?

Short answer:  You look professional and it’s a tax write off.  But you might want to dig deeper.

How does this decision affect your business model, your brand, and your leadership style?

I know you are probably thinking: “Malla, I’m just getting a phone.  It’s not that deep”.

Yeaahhhhh.  It is.  Adding an additional expense has a direct impact on your business.  You want to consider a few things.


  • Extra time – Someone has to answer it
  • Extra money – There is a new bill
  • Extra time – It can be a distraction

So how do you decide?

Before you jump into the final decision, consider creating a decision matrix.  While it takes time to develop, it will save you in the long term.  It’s pretty likely that you’ll make future business purchases.  With the decision matrix in place, you’ll make them based on strategy AND your gut intuition.  So consider these ideas:

No money and I need to find a location for my business!

Do you really need a location when you are still hustlin' hard?

You see the location is not really the problem. Sure, for many start-ups or entrepreneurs in the making it would beyond ideal to FINALLY have a place to hang your shingle.

A friend of a friend reached out to me recently for help on finding a location for her business.   She has her Masters in Education and wants to start a childcare center in her community.

As we started talking I realized that she had a challenge that many start-up entrepreneurs face:

How do I find the location when I don’t have any money?

Happily there is a solution!  But it requires some serious elbow grease and shift in mindset in order to make it happen.

You see the location is not really the problem.  Sure, for many start-ups or entrepreneurs in the making it would beyond ideal to FINALLY have a place to hang your shingle.

How vacation can help you prioritize email

I learned this lesson the hard way when I took a vacation a few years ago.  The email “demons” can rob you of your time!!!

So now, I’ve learned to say “NOT NOW!” by using this technique to help me manage my email inbox.

Is it simple?  Yes.  It’s a super easy one that might have you saying “DUhhhhhh!” after you hear it.  But The simplicity might make it so easy that you forget to use it once you turn off the video.

So for this video, I encourage you to log into your email, watch the video and take action.

Tell me what other ideas you use to tame your email inbox in the comments below.  Or what are you having problems with that you’d like help on with your inbox?  I’m game for either!


Stressed out and need more time to run your business?


Need to find more time in your schedule?  But you don’t even have time to schedule a call with an organization expert or coach to figure it out?  lol.  No worries!  I got you.

Let me help you reclaim your time doing housework and trying to run your business.   I started using these tips recently while juggling my business, my full time (and a half job) and family and personal life.  I’ve found this one in particular to be game changing.  I’m not as stressed out and have more brain power to spend on my business.


Don’t miss the simplicity of this step.  It is often easy to bypass because you think “that’s too expensive” or “I really don’t need that”.   But think about what it’s costing you to NOT get things done in your business?  That’s your real loss so take action before you leave the computer today.

And yes, I created this video to be under 2 min on purpose.  I want you to spend less time learning and more time doing what you love.

Share  your thoughts and feedback.  Yes, I know they are simple.  But they are so simple that you are probably not DOING them.

You waited until Jan again to get ready for tax season?

How to deal with the tax man when youYou did it again.  It’s tax season and you don’t have your business expenses from last year organized.

I know. I know.  You are too busy marketing and managing your current clients and customers.

And keeping up with a bunch of receipts and ALLLLLLLLL of last year’s business expenses you had in via

  • your paper receipts that are scattered everywhere
  • your 10 online accounts that each have $100 of sales
  • your own personal checking account which is a “no-no” but who can deal with opening one with such a pitiful amount
  • your 5  credit cards – because nothing like borrowing from everyone.

It’s a pain!!   Why do you do it? 

You need more than money to start a business

It's worth more than money in your startupI’ve read countless lists what you need to do to start your business.   But many are missing the mark.

Some start with the technical questions like:

  • Name your business (Have you ever tried to come up with a good business name?  That could take months.)
  • Determine your legal structure (Isn’t it the one that lets me cash the first check?)
  • Who is your target market? (Ummm isn’t it everyone?  No, my friend.  Read more on other my other post about your target market)

Others try to go in-depth and ask questions about your entrepreneurial personality like:

  • Are you a risk taker?
  • Do you bounce back well from adversity?
  • Are you an optimist?

These are good questions.  But they don’t dig deep enough.  Because your tendency will be to answer YES to all of them!!!

You need questions that dig into how you handle ALL of the aspects of your life.  And how it relates to your start-up.

Let me share a big one that you never see on the lists:

Roasting turkeys and Business Planning

stressed is dessert spelled backwardsIt’s only a few days before one of my favorite holidays.  I am dreaming of the sweet potato pies, the mac and cheese, the collard greens, the stuffing, the candied yams…

But things are a hot mess right now with my schedule.  I’m working on figuring out who is cooking and what time are we arriving?   The 9-grind is at its peak.  Little Miss and her boundless amounts of energy.  Oh vey.  And my business.

My poor poor business is getting neglected.

Hey it happens.  Things get hectic and I am trying to juggle it all.

And it’s a shame because the last 2 months of the year are good for goal setting and planning.  I know there are several goals I didn’t get to in 2012 (i.e launching my online program) and others I want to beef up (i.e updating several pages on my website).  Now is the perfect time to plan.

In the midst of the family time.

So here is my three point plan of showering love on my business AND family. 

How Frankenstorm helped me tap into my planning side

Ahhh the QuietThe past few days have been all consuming with Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy. She wrecked havoc on many areas in NY, NJ and CT. Happily, except for a few downed trees and spotty internet service, my area in NY wasn’t affected too badly. And my friends who were affected…have shared amazing stories of  banding together to find electric and water options.  I’m keeping them in my prayers.

At first, I found myself glued into the TV.  But after the 100th story of how bad the damage was…that and spotty cable coverage…my family and I opted to turn off the television and just hang out.

One of the things that struck me the most from the storm was the quiet.  After the initial impact of all of the winds and rain, it was incredibly quiet.  Most stores in our area and all of public transportation were shut down.   And the streets had an eery silence to them.