The 3 “I”s to Why They Won’t Buy

Customers are particular about where they spend their money. The more you learn how to speak a customer’s language – ie. their true needs and wants – the more you will land sales.

So check out this recent podcast episode. I share three tips on why your people won’t buy. You want to know about these ideas so you can avoid these critical mistakes.

You’ll learn how to better speak to the desires, dreams, and needs for your ideal clients, articulate their pain points and connect why your business is the one that they want to select.

I share several specific examples to get you started. Listen in and take notes!!

3 tools for Goal Getting in 2021

Are you nervous about setting goals in 2021?  If so, you’ll definitely want to check out today’s podcast episode because I’m going to dive into three specific tools that will help you go get in 2021 in your business. These are especially designed for navigating the uncertainty and some of the challenges that may lie ahead.

Assessing 2020 sales: 5 critical questions

This was a tough year! But don’t ignore the moment and rush ahead to 2021. Instead, assess your sales through these 5 questions.

I learned about these questions after several frustrating conversations with my former accountant in the post-tax season. They would look at my sales from the prior year and ask me several questions. The questions were good. But it was often too late to do anything. So I started thinking about questions that would be important to ask prior to the end of the year.

When there is still time to do something.

I challenge you to answer these questions in your own business. This assessment can change the game. You only need a napkin to answer them. And don’t worry about doing a ton of prep. You just need to sit down and listen – whether you had an outstanding year or struggled.

So don’t buy your planner until you listen in.

Why you need to avoid info overload during the quarantine

There are hidden benefits for entrepreneurs who avoid the info overload. I share how it helped me pivot in the midst of a challenging time and why you want to take advantage of this secret yet often neglected tool

We SHOULD avoid info overload. But do we really understand how too much information impacts our business? ie. spending too much time watching the news or digesting social media updates on the virus.

I dive in during my latest podcast episode and highlight why this warning is important for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. It isn’t just about spending less time watching television. There are key benefits when you slow down/pause the overload. You’ll find ways to think more effectively and grow your business in the process. Listen in….

Don’t touch your annual goal setting without doing this…

Avoid the common mistakes entrepreneurs make and stay motivated throughout the year even if you are a solopreneur and juggling alot of balls!

It’s the beginning of the year! And people are dropping coins on pretty planners and hip goal setting tools.

Before you buy a planner or spend an afternoon thinking about your goals, I encourage you to listen to my latest audio. I dive into the mistakes that entrepreneurs often make when they are setting goals for their businesses. Mistakes that you can avoid.

It’s easy when you work for a company to get input from the team. But when you are solo or on a small team, you might not see all of the blindspots. It’s also super hard to stay motivated throughout the year when you are the only person you report to!

Use the three tools I share and CRUSH your goals this year.

Need better sales for your service business?

I bet no one is telling you this solution!

If you run a service based business, sales is necessary. But darn! It can be so hard to deal with rejection when people don’t want to buy your services. Because it’s not that they are saying “no”. They are saying no to YOU!

So how do you overcome this hurdle? How do you find more people that are interested in your services? And best of all, how do you convert more people who are interested into actual paying customers?

I share a key insight in this video. There are about 20 insights in this video! LOL. As I can’t resist when it comes to helping entrepreneurs uncover what they don’t know that they don’t know.

I share the insight so you can apply it in your business. And I also give an example of how I have used it in my business.



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