Why I’d rather be doing…… than marketing my business

Marketing games for non marketersI’m sure you could fill in that blank with a bunch of different things.

You’d rather be DOING your business than:

  • developing your marketing strategy;
  • figuring out your target market, ideal client, most fantabolous client avatar
  • coming up with ideas for how to spread the word about what you do or
  • creating strategies why YOU are the business that people should remember.

You got started in business because you love to DO something.  And you are probably pretty good at what you DO.

But somewhere along the way, you realized that people might need to know what you DO.  Outside of the three people on your email list and your family.  But you are realizing how HARD it is to both DO your business and tell people what you DO.

I am still searching for the balance between the two.  But in the interim, let me give you some steps to get started and make it easier.  Yes, this can really happen for you.  So read below.