Do this 1 thing during the busy holidays for your business

Before you sit down to the holiday meal, do this one thing that will take NO time and help you build your business next year.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself on everything that you accomplished this year.

Whatttt? I’m not telling you to:

  • Review your marketing and tweak who you your ideal client is
  • Update your website
  • Work on your long things to do list
  • Revamp your website
  • Get to work on your sales plan (Which btw these are all good ideas if you’ve got 30 min or more!!)

Nope. I want you to take some serious well deserved down time. Ignore the fact that you are not earning the money YET that you’d like. And spend quality time with family, friends, and doing what makes your heart happy this holiday season.
I’m going to spend quality time with family as I had a few friends of the family who passed recently and another friend who is expecting. (So yes, I follow what I preach!)

And then when you have the rare 5 minutes to yourself -Write down every single great thing you did this year in your business. No matter how big or small. And if you are busy Mom like me, lock the door when you take a shower so no one can interrupt.  Write down everything you come up with in a notebook…no matter how messy it gets trying to find paper.

Too often we are focusing on what needs to get done. Or what you wish could happen faster. Or the fact that EVERY blog you are reading right now is ramping you up to prep for your 2015 goals. Which I’ll save for the New Year! LOL. (And if you want guidance about next year so you can earn what your talent is worth, please book a coaching session with me. We will have a blast!)

Write it all down. Celebrate it. Pat yourself on the back and acknowledge that your business has grown in 2014.

Sure, you want it to grow more. But think about what you have done:

  • the new ideas you brainstormed
  • the new technology that you learned how to use. Kinda.
  • the new clients that you landed (Yes, you saw 30 in your horizon but we will celebrate the three who paid you).
  • the list of activities you stopped doing that weren’t profiting your business (That’s an extra big kudos!!)
  • the new prospects you met – that you can reach out to in 2015

Write the list. And toast yourself. With a glass of bubbly, some adult eggnog or a steaming hot cup of cocoa with whipped cream. (I have been spending too much time in the kitchen making good drinks these days!! lol)

Being an entrepreneur and maximizing your talent is a mindset. It’s a way of life. You have to be comfortable making big mistakes.

But you also need to celebrate and shout the success. Create your own PR firm and tell it from the rooftops. Start with your immediate family first. Actually, start with yourself and give yourself a big high five for ending the year well.

Now, if you are ready to take it public – send me one success you had in the comments section and I’ll cheer with you!!!

In the interim, wishing you an amazing and successful New Year!!

2 thoughts on “Do this 1 thing during the busy holidays for your business

  1. EJ Sydell says:

    Great post…as usual Mailla! Happy New Year to you & your family & friends! Thank you for supporting me as well. I hope the people that you purchased my truffles from enjoyed them. Please let me know any feedback they may have given & expect something in the mail in a week or two from me as a belated holiday thank you! I will continue to follow you, refer people to you & hope to chat soon.


  2. Jody Urquhart says:

    looking forward to 2015 being a fantastic year! I do spend a great deal of time in January doing the, “Not urgent but essential stuff”
    This is planning. goal setting etc. Without this every year seems to blend together.

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