Do you take a vacation while running your biz this summer?

Yes, Take a Vacation
Do you take a vacation while running your biz this summer? I feel your pain. An entrepreneur needs their rest. But they also need to make that paper.

Consider your vacation priority this summer. You’ve been working hard all year. And most businesses see a drop in sales during this time because their clients are on vacation/doing less. (And if you are rare one that has your busy season now, mark off your next vacation with a red pen on your calendar now!)

I know what you are going to tell me “But Malla, my business isn’t earning the type of money yet where I can afford a vacation”.

I feel your pain. An entrepreneur needs their rest. But they also need to make that paper.

Take the break anyway. Yes, I know:

  • there are a hundred messages in your inbox
  • you are still struggling to put processes in place
  • you are restructuring your finances and
  • getting up to speed on the latest greatest tech trend

But give yourself time. Even if you are not earning the cash flow that you hope.

Otherwise when it comes to Sept, you’ll be burnt out. #justifieddowntime

So schedule whatever time you can. For some small business owners, you can shut down for a few weeks and let clients know that you’ll be traveling/away. For others, schedule a day or two on your calendars and find some fun staycation ideas. I’m psyched about working out my family season passes. Yup, we are going to Sesame Place and the Zo until the parking attendants wave me through and the food court team knows my family’s orders by heart.

Are your finances stretched thin? Get creative. Book a few hours at the library, park, or catch up with friends for a good meal via Groupon, Costco gift certificates or some other discount method.

Just make sure to get it in your calendar.

And before you run to the closet to pack your bags, let me leave you with a few things you can do to work on when you return. I promise I’ll go easy!!! lol. There are only three suggestions:

1. What is your mental self talk about your business?
I bet that when you are in professional mode – you think words like success, making more money, and running the small business of my passion and dreams. But you may find different mind chatter during your down time. Pay attention. Examine what is REALLY on your mind. What do you say when friends and family (ie. people that you can be honest with) ask you how your business is going? What is the first thing you say about your small business when you are a bit more relaxed?

Once you get relaxed, start writing down those thoughts. For many they emerge after a good conversation with a dear friend or when you are taking a long relaxing shower or day dreaming. Don’t judge them at this point. Just observe and write them down.

2. Pick a business goal from your New Year’s resolutions that you start after vacation.
Yes, I went there! Pick ONE…just ONE goal from your goals that you set your business wayyyyyyy back in January that you want to start in September. Put some numbers to it to hold yourself accountable. Write it down some place visible. And reach out to a friend, mentor, business coach to discuss the goal and get their feedback on how you could proceed.

Not sure what to do? Pick the one task that you have been avoiding like plague. Break it down into manageable pieces and get feedback so it’s less stressful to tackle.

3. Drop business cards in your bags.
When you are less stressed, it’s easy to meet people. And land new clients. Ironic, huh?
When you and others around you are relaxed, it’s easy to build relationships. Be prepared and drop your contact information cards in your bags now. I’m betting the right people and opportunities will show up once you are relaxed.
Wishing you the best and send me some great photos of your fun!!

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