Don’t get fixated on your planner this New Year

Sorry but another planner ain't gonna fix your business. Try this easier solution

It’s tempting to get “goo goo gaa gaa” over creating new goals at the beginning of the year.

  • The sales teasing you to buy new planners
  • The webinars inviting you to set powerful intentions
  • The books, blogs, the articles that beckon you to live your life fully
  • The feeling of being left out if you don’t make big goals

I love all of it.

But please don’t buy into the hype this year.  Don’t get stuck planning.  Get started on DOING.  Because I want to see you smile when the clock strikes December 2017.

Stop stressing on the possibilities.  Yes, those are wonderful. But what matters is:

  • Can you be consistent?
  • Can you set a plan that YOU can work with?

THIS is one of the game changers of running a successful business.  Delivering on what you promise.  Rolling up your sleeves to pick goals that will transform your business.  And staying the course until it happens.

Need help getting started? Here are a few ideas to get you started:


I remember the first time I met an entrepreneur who was at the top of his game.  He asked me what I would do to help his business.  I shared some ideas that I thought were brilliant.

Then he asked me when he should follow up.  Because clearly I would have accomplished them.

#mouth drop

The powerful lesson I learned is ideas are a dime a dozen.  I find it rare when I talk to other entrepreneurs that they don’t have ideas.  Even when the creative juices are not flowing easily.  You can create solutions, ideas ,and possibilities for your business.

But do you get them done?

And I’m betting their goals that you pay attention to.  The IRS, your mortgage company/landlord or bill collector figure out how to get your attention.  They set a date and hold you accountable.


So set the same “pressure” for your own business.  Find someone who won’t let you escape.  Someone who will hold you accountable.  Hire a coach.  Work with a mentor.  Or get a friend who is serious about business building.

But stop planning by yourself.

Dream big and break it down into small

At random times, my Mom would fry up some chicken livers.  Ever had them?  You walk into the kitchen and it smells AMAZING.  All of the onions and peppers grilling.  The smell of good darn seasoning.  And your mouth starts watering.

Until you take the first bite.

My Mom was old school. And if she cooked something, you didn’t have options.  You ate what was put before you.  So I learned at an early age how to handle eating liver.

Cut it into a million pieces.  And keep chewing.  Until I finished.

I encourage you to follow suit.  When the goal scares you. Makes you cringe but you know it’s good for you.  Or you just are not sure because it seems too big.

Start taking small bites. And keep going until you finish.


This way when you hit the bumps, you’ll finish your plate.

The bumps like:

  • You had to return back to work on Monday morning after a week off on vacation
  • Or you had a fight with your significant other and have a big client meeting
  • Or your stack of payables is larger than your receivables

Break your goals down into manageable chunks.  But keep moving forward even when it gets rough.

  • Are you working on your first website?  It’s hard to write all of the content.  Gather the images and decide on the brand.  So stop procrastinating.  Just put up the home page and let it go live.  Keep working on the rest.
  • Want to be more consistent about marketing your business?  Find one strategy that you can do in 10 min daily.  Email 1 LinkedIn contact.  Call 1 person from the stack of business cards on your desk.  Break down social media or blogging so that you are present on a regular basis.  Stay focused on being consistent. And keep the tasks small and manageable so you can stay consistent.
  • Want more sales?  But scared of making calls?  Start first with interviewing people about their needs.  Their pain points. Don’t stress over making the sale.  Understand deeply why they need the solution in the first place.

So don’t put the pressure on yourself of making six figure out of the gate.  Working on the beach for three hours a week.

Yes, you are talented.  Yes, people need your solutions.  But start small and stay consistent.  There is a reason why two year olds get what their heart desires.  They keep it easy to remember. And they are relentless about following up.

So embrace your relentless two year old self and wrap it up with your learnings, ideas and insights you have gained as an adult.

I’m wish you nothing but success!


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