Drop Your Business Bottle Neck Price List

Note: These offers are only available for current CYS coaching clients.

You are not trying to be the world’s most incredible wordsmith. But you need help getting your products and services into the hands of buyers, and it would be nice to turn to someone who can help you craft your language and better position the sale

LinkedIn Posts

$199 for 5 posts and $299 for 10 posts

Who is this for?

  • You need a way to market on LinkedIn but don’t have the brain power to write posts on a consistent basis.
  • You want more organic exposure on Linkedin and want to build your exposure and make it easier for people to understand your value proposition

What will you get?

  • 5 posts (~100-200 words) with targeted hashtags and a call to action — $199 value
  • 10 posts with targeted hashtags, content calendar, custom graphics and call to action — $299 value

Note: We don’t post the content for you

What do we need?

  • Existing content like blog posts or in-depth social media posts that express your brand voice. You can also share some audio or written notes if you don’t have any existing content
  • You’ll fill out a quick form.
  • Come prepared with the sales offer that you want to use at the end of the post

Email Nurturing Sequence - Welcome

$199 – Revising your current content
$399 – For a brand new sequence

Who is this for?

  • You want to send out an email that does more than says “thanks for buying,” but you are not sure where to start
  • This will help you build the relationship so that your new subscriber understands your values, why they would want to work with you and how you help customers like themselves solve problems

What will you get?

This welcome sequence will have three emails ~200-300 words with the following:

  • Welcome your customer — The first email is CRITICAL to ensure you build a solid relationship and let the reader know more about why you. We recommend that you have something to offer the customer (i.e., coupon, free download)
  • Testimonials — Your testimonials need to tell a story so that future customers can understand more about the results you get and why they would want to work with you (Yes, you need to provide the outline of the story and we will rewrite it)
  • A soft sell — Do you know how to sell without turning off your audience? There is an art form that will allow you to sell your offer AND get people excited by it rather than turning them.

What do we need?

  • Where are you inviting people to join your email newsletter from? We will need screenshots/photos and information about how your prospect first learns about your work
  • Your sales offer
  • You’ll fill out a quick form.

Note: Some businesses will do better to offer 4-5 emails in this sequence. If we see that you are one who fits this profile, we will make this recommendation.

Email Nurturing Sequence - Pitching An Offer

Starts at $299 – Revising your current content
Starts at $499 – For a brand new sequence

Who is this for?

  • You are good about sending out 1x offers. But it’s HARD to do the follow-up. If only someone would write the copy for you, email subscribers could hear more about the benefits.
  • You rarely send out emails because it feels “sales-y.” So when you send out one sales email, you get nervous about what to say next.
  • You keep reading that it’s building relationships with your people is essential. But what exactly does that mean?

What will you get?

This sequence will have five emails ~200-300 words with the following:

  • Authoritative positioning — Your first email will establish your company and yourself as experts in your field.
  • A soft sell — Like the three-email sequences, you’ll get what you need to encourage your customers to be excited about buying from you!
  • Unique selling points — This email will focus on your unique selling points to help your prospects imagine what it would be like to live AFTER purchasing your services or products. Testimonials are also included here.
  • Frequently asked questions — Sometimes, people have questions, and they need to feel informed before making a decision. That’s where we take the opportunity to answer their questions so they can choose YOU.
  • A hard sell — At this point, you’ve nurtured your prospects effectively, so now, we’re going to give them a harder nudge to get them to sell without being sales-y. They’ll be more likely to convert, but only because you’ve built that rapport and trust through this email sequence.

What do we need?

  • We will need screenshots and photos along with information about how your prospect first learned about your work.
  • Your sales offer.
  • We’ll also send you a business profile you’ll need to fill out, but don’t worry. It’s a quick form.


All of these packages come with 1 round of edits. Additional edits and revisions are available for a fee.

Monthly Newsletters

Starting at $499

Who is this for?

Our newsletters are designed with our customers in mind. They will be available on various platforms and can be sent directly to their inboxes. Plus, they are entirely customizable and can be tailored to fit any budget. 

All newsletters will include links to additional resources for further reading. We also offer the option of adding custom content, such as images or videos, to make your newsletters even more engaging and exciting.

What will you get?

Monthly newsletter content created to match your audience. Each newsletter will contain 500-2000 words based on your preferences.

  • Customization — Your newsletters will be tailored specifically for your customers.  We will ask questions in the prep process to best understand your voice
  • High-quality content — Our experienced writers, editors, and researchers are ready to provide high-quality content that is convenient, interesting, and informative. 
  • Extra resources — We also have resources for those who are just starting out in the business and those who are more experienced.

What do we need?

We will need to chat with you about your preferred approach, so we can offer the best advice on the number of newsletters and your overall goals.  If you already have a calendar that you’re using, we’ll need that too.

We’ll also send you a business profile that must be filled out. It helps us ensure your target audience is on-point and lets us know if you’re going to supply topics or if we need to do it for you.

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