It’s so easy to avoid marketing when you have contracts flowing in

I’ve delivered 10 speaking events in 17 days. Yup. I’m brain dead. Mentally and emotionally drained. Even if there is a sense of joy because audiences were transformed.

So, how do you market your business when you are tired?

  • When the stack of business cards is stacked high?
  • When your follow-up list is long?
  • When you are out of ideas that you can post on social media?
  • When there are a ton of articles that you need to read?

And the third cup of coffee ain’t kicking in….

It’s easy to neglect marketing when the contracts and clients are flowing. But, if you ignore it, you’ll look up in a few months and be back in the famine part of the “feast and famine” cash flow crunch.

So I’ll share a few tips that will keep you moving forward when you reach this zone. It’s quite a dangerous place. It’s easy to get comfortable cashing checks and transferring online funds. But if you don’t pay attention, you’ll be scrambling to find clients at “one time only discounted” rates.

So here is how you can get started when you are tired:

Switch your mindset from marketing to serving

It’s easy to ignore marketing. Unless your business is marketing. And that’s what you love.

But for those of us who are super connected to our work….it’s often icky.

However, when you pull back the covers, marketing is the way that you are actually able to serve more people. And if you believe you are working in your purpose – you want to be serving a solid number of people on a regular basis.

Now, of course, you shouldn’t be serving without receiving value for your work.

But if you are struggling to use social media or send out a newsletter, remember….they want to hear from you. They value what you share. Your insights allow them to live their lives in a better way. Plus they get to ignore the “noise” that is often being spread.

  • So share a recent story of what has happened to you.
  • Share an aha that happened in the midst of the successes happening in your business
  • Share a way that you can help 1 person with a problem related to your business for free. Invite them to spread the word to their community through a contest or open call

The more you spread the word about your business, the more opportunities you have to genuinely serve your people.

Consistent and done is better than perfection

I know. I know. You trained and learned how to write properly. You want to wait to film video until you can hire a professional crew. Or blog when you can hire a professional editor and marketer to support your work

But while you are waiting, someone with less talent and expertise is showing up.

Yes. Showing up regularly.

I have a special place in my heart for those who want to show up professionally and polished. I understand after years of training and working with clients who only allowed excellence as the final product.

Buttttt when it comes to marketing your business, done is better than perfect.

So start small.

  • Post a positive quote on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook that inspires your community
  • Blog a few times a month and use online tools like Grammarly or Hemmingway.
  • Toss your phone on a tripod and host a few live videos. Share tips about your business or answering common FAQs that clients ask you.

Yes, there is another level that you can present your marketing when you have a ton of cash. And time. And ideas about launching new services.

But first you need a track record and data about what your people like.

So you have to start. And show up consistently.

So stop worrying about perfection and do your best.

Get your rest first. But spend time on marketing that makes a difference

Getting your rest is important. So if you need a day or two to recover, don’t apologize. Just take some time.

But once you decide to get started, start first with the marketing that will give you the best return for your time.

The dreaded follow-up

Yes, I love sending fun quotes on social media or pictures of me connecting with people.  The immediate engagement of likes or comments can be gratifying.

But, the follow-up is what wins you business!

So send a few emails or hop on the phone after your event. And don’t stress if you waited a few days. Get started and share your thanks for meeting and your interest to serve them moving forward. Realize that many people may not respond or share that they are not interested.

But stay focused on building the relationship. Don’t stress the sales as much as connecting with the person.

Over time, you’ll see results from this strategy. People will refer you to potential business and you’ll remain top of mind for new projects.

But it won’t happen if you try to hide from this essential aspect of marketing and building relationships. So remember to connect with your new contacts and relationships. And make sure to reach out to your current network and touch base. If you do send out 5-7 emails every week, you’ll start to see a consistent increase in referrals and new business.

Wishing you the best in your next steps and here’s to tons of new opportunities!

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