Find your Comfort Level Making Money

Your 2 hour solution to quick revenue in your service based business


  • A wait list of clients that you jump out of bed eagerly every day to work with
  • Projects that pay well and are interesting to work on
  • And a feeling of gratitude because your business grew as you imagined

Many people start service based businesses with the dreams of making a difference AND earning money on their own terms.  But it can be tough. Marketing is hard.  Sales aren’t easy.  And the dozens of hats you need to wear can be tiring.

  • And how much longer can you wait until the cash starts coming in?
  • Are you tired of long hours of hustling and no rewards?

One thing that the successful  do differently is speak the language of their customers.  It was something that you probably mastered while you were climbing the career ladder.  You knew what to share in interviews to get hired.  You bonded with co-workers.  And you navigated internal and external company politics.

But there are a different set of rules when you are courting clients.  They only want results. They don’t care about degrees, your former salary or the vast area of wins you had your former employers.

They want their problem solved.

So start learning how to speak your customer’s language and bring in more revenue.  Use the same tools that successful software companies have used to launch their companies – the Lean Startup Method.  It focuses on nailing the customer problem first and building a company around the solutions.  It doesn’t take a ton of time or money and can help you create a product or service that sells like hotcakes.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • You’ll learn how to create a mini service that provides a very clear results driven solution to a client problem.
  • You’ll get tools on how to measure what’s working and where to spend your time to grow your company
  • You’ll gain valuable insights about how your customers make decisions to purchase to build better offerings.

What you’ll leave with

  • A new service offering that is easy to explain and generate interest
  • A mini action plan of how you can spread the word
  • Tip sheets and a checklist to help you measure what’s working and where you need to pivot

This is not designed to be a long term solution to growing your business.  But if you are serious about filling your client list and getting answers to some of your sales challenges, this is a solution.

The steps:

  1. You’ll complete an application to share information about you and your business.
  2. We’ll schedule a 45 min strategy session to create the service and a plan for spreading the word
  3. We will meet back after two weeks for a second 45 min strategy session to high five your successes and develop solutions for the challenges.
  4. I’ll be available via email for 1 month to help you trouble shoot challenges that arise

Look, I can’t promise that you’ll make a million dollars after you take this session.  But I can promise you’ll have gained tremendous insights into how and why your clients buy that will push you into the 20% success category.