Hold Me ‘Countable

The Accountability group for entrepreneurs ready to nail their goals!!

Why join?

  • You have ideas.  Tons of ideas. But you have commitment issues.  And you know that you’ll only be your best if you have constant encouragement and motivation towards your goals.
  • You want to stop taking freelancing clients who DRAIN you.  But you can’t.  Because you are too busy “making the donuts” and don’t have the focus you need on your marketing and growing your customer list.
  • You are good at sprinting for 2 weeks.  But you have a hard time staying focused on making your goals a reality.
  • You want to leave your SOUL SUCKING job.  But you can’t move until you have a consistent income from your side hustle.  And trying to do it alone is a laborious task.
  • You know it takes more than just dreaming, wishing, praying. But it’s super HARD to stay committed when no one is there to help you troubleshoot or celebrate your wins.

The solution?

90 days of consistent action that will lead to more growth in your business than you had in the last six months.

How does it work?

  • You’ll share your 90 day goal in our private Facebook group
  • You’ll post weekly updates including the goals for the week and what you accomplish
  • We’ll meet together twice a month for a group call to celebrate wins and troubleshoot challenges
  • There will be random prizes for those who continue to complete their goals week after week.

Want to join?

It’s $299 for three months or $129 a month.


Do you have questions?  Let’s hop on the phone for a short call and talk through your questions.    Email me at info@mallaharidat.com and I’ll send you the link to my calendar.