How do you eliminate the fear of starting your business?

Embrace the fear


You don’t.

You just do it anyway.

I’ve know the top reasons why someone is fearful, nervous or concerned about starting their own business.

  • I need more money to launch
  • I don’t have enough time right now
  • I’m not sure which idea that I want to start with
  • I’ve been planning and planning and planning and planning….

And before I point fingers, let me share my fear – How in the world do I transition my concept into this new economy?  I am an old school entrepreneur.

Each of those above ideas are real to the person who is asking them.  But they are questions that can be addressed and you can move on to the starting line.  (And actually now that I think about it they are great topics for future blog posts.  Stay tuned)

But the real question that you need to ask yourself is “What do I fear if I DON’T start my business?”.  That’s the bigger question that people often don’t dig into. And it’s far more scary than the general concern most people tell themselves about why they can’t start.

How many people’s lives will you not impact positively if you DON’T start this business?  I look at my young daughter.  I have hopes and dreams for who she can become one day.  And I know that a bunch of those dreams are gonna take serious cash flow to make them a reality.  Anyone factored how much college is going to cost in 2029?

I look at my Mother who has already made a huge investment in my life. Sure I know she is proud of me and my accomplishments. But she and I both know that I am currently living underneath my potential. She has been amazingly supportive by helping me juggle my schedule and marketing. But it’s high time I get to treat her to room service and travel in fun locations!

And then I look at the people’s lives I am not impacting. There are people who need the ideas, tips and stories I have which will allow them to launch a business that provides meaning and money in their pockets. It’s about the long term. It’s about facing our fears. It’s about providing THEIR families with the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

So let’s start taking the small bites out of the elephant.  Step by step, we can move these ideas and dreams forward.

3 thoughts on “How do you eliminate the fear of starting your business?

  1. Harry says:

    Nice post. I particularly like the idea in the last sentence. Take small bites out of the elephant to tackle what seems like a giant task.

    Too many people have myths about starting their own business that creates fears and keeps them away from pursuing their dreams. I wrote a post on these 5 myths that hold back potential entrepreneurs –

    Would love to hear your thoughts on these myths.

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