How do you think creatively when all chaos is breaking loose?

more creative Less chaosI’ve been working like a crazy woman these past few months.  I’ve run thirteen events from marketing the registration website to the final thank yous; worked with two large clients on conferences or trainings; held strategy calls with clients’  wrote for my blog and other blogs; and gone through an intense review and rehaul of my personal brand.

Whew!  And that’s the short list!!! lol.

I am truly appreciative of the support and advice that I’ve received.  And y’all know I am fan of focusing on priorities.    But….. Shock!! Horror!!  Surprise!!  It doesn’t always work out perfectly.

(OK that was an attempt at sarcasm.  Humor me!!)

And I’ve gained a powerful insight.  Your enemy isn’t time.

It’s the “RIGHT” time you need.  Creative time for your entrepreneurial muscles to dream, think creatively and work on strategy for your business future.   And it’s not just as simple as carving time in your calendar.   First you have to stop the “things to do list” running in the background.  And then you have to get silent to figure out what you clients really need.

So what’s a girl to do when it’s hectic?  See my ideas below.

When I’m busy, I find the first thing to go is posting via social media.  Why?  Because I like to read everything before I post.  Sooooooooooo, you know that ain’t happening.

Or let’s say my favorite business people or bloggers post a new article.  Some of my favs right now?  Marie ForleoJulie CottineauTara Gentile and Ramit Sethi .  Each of them is like a good friend – I get their latest update, sit down with a coffee and take time to enjoy their suggestion, tactics and ideas.

But implementing the ideas?!! Pullleeezzze that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Or let’s not forget my personal favorite – when a client asks me to develop a “NEW” program for a proposal that’s due in 3 days in the midst of my busy season.  Ummm sure…..

I need UN-interrupted time to focus.  Kind of like a painter with a blank canvas and a full bank account.  But when you don’t have that type of time on your hands (or cash burning a hole your pocket??!!!), how do you do it?

Here are three marketing strategies I could handle during my busy season:

1. Plan a few 10 min breaks during your day.

No matter how busy you get.  I don’t care how you plan them.  (I found an alarm at random times was the best method for me). But you need to plan time away from the heavy thinking, crazy meeting schedules, prepping for clients and find time to focus on YOU.

2. If you see a busy period coming along, schedule calls NOW with your coach, strategist or someone who will hold you accountable.

How do high achievers get things done?  They put their butt on the line and figure out how to make it happen.  If you keep putting off  your marketing plan or keep ignoring your long term strategy and what you need to do to position it to reach your goals (ie. get out of the feast and famine cycle), you’ll never get there.  I know it’s hard. But the only way you’ll see the change and eventual growth is to DO IT.

So tell them you’re gonna be busy and schedule the calls anyway.

You know the irony?  You’ll get more done.  Because when they give you assignments, (yes adding more to your list!) you won’t have time to mess around.  Plus your clients/customers are just waiting for you to test your ideas on.

Note: I don’t recommend keeping this pace year round but if you can maintain a few times a year – it can be a true boost to your business.

3. Stay committed to focusing on your two big goals.  (Check out my last Save your Sanity video for a refresher)

Usually what happens is that we just focus on what’s in front of us.  Which is great for your current clients. But bad for your business.  So pick the two goals and stay focused til you complete them.

Share what you found useful from these ideas and how you deal with finding time to create and the brain power to think creatively below.



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