How to hack a Black Friday promo in hours

How to hack a Black Friday sale in hoursIf you are struggling about how your business can participate in Black Friday, I’ve got some solutions in my video below.

Even if you are a busy shop owner – like the pie company I mentioned – you can engage in the holiday spending season.  Why?  People are going to spend money this time of year.  Why shouldn’t they support small businesses??

And yes, I get that you are an eternal perfectionist who wants to spend 10 months on your website.  Or you are still battling over which service offering to share.

I’ve got some tools to help you cut through the noise.

The truth of the matter is you HAVE to become an expert at sales.  Even if you HATE selling.  So roll up your sleeves and get some quick wins.

Plus I’ll be happy to answer any questions to arise!  Just shoot a comment to me.

Highlights from the video  include:

  1. 1 easy tool to share your Black Friday special that DOESN’T REQUIRE A WEBSITE!!
  2. The reason why ALL small businesses should run a Black Friday special – it’s more than sales
  3. How you can sell in the next few days even if you don’t have inventory

No time to listen?  No worries! I’ll share the highlights below the video.

Here are the how-tos:

  1. Use the Black Friday holiday to reconnect with your people.
    1. What are the problems your target customer have?
    2. How can your business solve them?
  2. Stop focusing on day to day sales.  You are missing out on holidays and pre-sales.
    • In other words, collect email addresses all year.
    • Think about times when people are most likely to frequent your store.  Send them an email a few days before with a payment link.
    • You’ll re-engage people who forgot about you and would buy.  Plus you’ll get your $$$ upfront.
  3. Think about pre-sales rather than just inventory
    • If you don’t have inventory or are not sure what to sell,
      • Offer a gift certificate for the holidays
      • Offer a service that you make available in January
      • Just give them a deal and get that cash flowing into your business
  4. Stop thinking you need a full website in order to participate in Black Friday
    • Create a 1 page site – aka a landing page.
    • Use your existing email management tool – ie. Mailchimp
    • Or use a tool like Gumroad
      1. Gumroad will collect the payment for you
      2. You will have a specific web page where you can send people…without a website
      3. Use or another graphics app to create your visuals
  5. Spend time creating a list of ways that you can market it.  Here are examples:
    • Print 25-50 flyers and post them in your neighborhood supermarket
    • Share it with friends and family when you see them during Thanksgiving
    • Post one fun graphic on Facebook or Instagram with the link
    • Share it via email through your email newsletter
    • Send out the graphic and payment link via text message
      **Make sure you don’t spam people.  Use each of these bullets only once until you get a regular list of clients or newsletter subscribers
  6. How do you price your Black Friday promotion ?
    • Make sure that you are COVERING your costs!  First and foremost.
    • Offer super discounted pricing if you are trying to get new people to buy
    • Offer a bundle (ie several product/services) at a discounted price if you are trying to sell more to existing customers.
    • Don’t feel compelled to give away too many discounts.  Yes, you can limit the total number of sales.
    • Also don’t give away “too much of the farm”.  You want people ready to pay your full price in the future

If you have questions, feel free to shoot me an email or type into the comments below.  I’ll review them through Nov. 26th.

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