How vacation can help you prioritize email

I learned this lesson the hard way when I took a vacation a few years ago.  The email “demons” can rob you of your time!!!

So now, I’ve learned to say “NOT NOW!” by using this technique to help me manage my email inbox.

Is it simple?  Yes.  It’s a super easy one that might have you saying “DUhhhhhh!” after you hear it.  But The simplicity might make it so easy that you forget to use it once you turn off the video.

So for this video, I encourage you to log into your email, watch the video and take action.

Tell me what other ideas you use to tame your email inbox in the comments below.  Or what are you having problems with that you’d like help on with your inbox?  I’m game for either!


One thought on “How vacation can help you prioritize email

  1. Bonnie Brown says:

    Wonderful tip Malla – I’m going to set up my “Read Later” folder in my In box right now!

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