Is your business ready for 2014?

This year I'm gonna(fill in the blank)
Or are you still wondering…what the heck happened to last year’s wish list? Here’s what you do to change your biz…

Don’t look up at the calendar.  But in a few days, it’s going to be 2014.

Are you ready for your business to earn more revenue, take on more clients and be able to give more value away?

Or are you still wondering…what the heck happened to your 2013 wish list?

Well have no fear!  You’ve got a few days  to end the year with a bang.

So here’s what I want you to do – go back to the resolutions that you had for your business in early 2013.  You know the list of things that you said “This year ….I’m gonna do _________________”

(And no judgment here if you can’t even find the list!)

Find ONE goal.  Just ONE goal that would make a measurable difference in how you want to end your last quarter of 2013.

And get ‘er done!

My personal recommendation – pick something sales or marketing related.  A goal that will either translate into immediate revenue for now or translate into great revenue in early 2014.

  • Did you have a goal for 20 new clients in your service based business?  Send out proposals and set your goal at 5.
  • Was your goal to have $5,000 in product sales and you haven’t had a month yet above $1,000?  No worries!  Run a holiday special and tell them that you are working hard to meet a $2,000 sales goal and will award the customer who sets you over the top with something special.
  • Get creative.  Simplify the goal. And get ‘er done.

I read a great post from Darren Hardy about this last year.  And his strategies still apply today.

So don’t hesitate.  Don’t squirm at the mention.  And for goodness sake  DON’T GET OVERWHELMED!

Want to know my goal?  Get 50 more subscribers to my email newsletter!!! I share this plug openly so please tell your friends who have small businesses or want to start a small business to sign up for my newsletter.  And anyone who subscribes between now and 2014 – send me one pressing question about your business and I’ll give you a fully indepth answer in my next blog post for FREE!!

And no worries!  I won’t call out anyone in response so feel free to share openly.

Therefore, let me encourage you to find ONE goal and stay focused from now until December 31st.

Wishing you the best my friends.  Let me know what you are able to get done in the comments below!

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