Kill your long things to do list and just focus on two things

I used this tip when I first started using social media.  Focus. Focus. Focus.  Stop trying to do EVERYTHING all at once.

Yes, yes, yes, I know the things on your list seem important.  But are they really putting money in your pocket?

Far too often, we focus on too many things.  We miss out on the all important areas of your business – marketing and sales.  Because it’s really about the clients at the end of the day – how can we best serve them and how do we find more?

Start being ruthless when you need to add things to your list.  Unless it’s taxes, focus more on the revenue generating activities and less on the busy work.

And for all of you about to cheer that social media can take the place of your marketing plan – don’t believe the hype!  lol.  Social media is just ONE area of your overall marketing strategy. So don’t think sitting in front of the computer RTing all day and posting FB messages is making a difference to your bottom line.  (I say this as I put down my tablet and log off of Pinterest.  So trust me – I get it!).  Keep social media as part of your overall strategy – not your whole marketing plan

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