Let’s solve your Oct-Dec ’14 biz problems

Let’s solve your biz problems Yup. Send me your 2014 business goals and the top problems you are dealing with.

Y’all I’m going renegade here. Send me your “stuff” and I’ll help you solve your business problems. Yup. Send me your 2014 business goals and the top problems you are dealing with.

What amazing goodness do you get ??

I’ll help you put together the plan. The plan that will transform your business from a “round the clock frustration” into a business that lands your ideal clients. Seriously! With the right business model and plan in place – you can do this.

And yes, I’m having total compassion for grammar because I know you are up at midnight working on your business.

So how do you take advantage of this?

Be open about your big “problem”.

Don’t tell me that you aren’t earning enough money. Trust me. I already know that.

Tell me why you think you are not earning enough money. Dig deep and answer it. And tell me what you know you should have done – but haven’t.

And no worries! #judgmentfreezone I’m not judging. But the quicker you get honest, the easier it is to find a solution that fits your strengths to move your business forward.

My job will be to help you focus on your custom solution. I get it. Everyone has different hot buttons and areas they need to address. And you are driver’s seat here so you’ll get to make the final decision.

Why am I doing this?

Simple. I’ve had amazing mentors in my life and I believe in the power of giving back.

When I started teaching youth entrepreneurship, the Director asked me if I wanted a volunteer role. Two weeks later, they handed me a class, curriculum binder and some supplies…and said, “Go make it happen”. If I hadn’t had the chance to “sink or swim” with that class, I probably still would be an assistant teacher. Which is a perfectly noble role. But the challenge lead me to dig a bit deeper to learn how to do more.

So I learned how to ask good questions and think quick on my feet. Didn’t always work. But more often than not, it did work.

And I got real clear that talking to those who have been there and done it….will save you HOURS trying to figure it out for yourself.

So call this my early Thanksgiving “giveback” and reach out to me through the comments or Twitter at @mallaharidat.

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