Make it easy for people to buy your services. Do this

Stop confusing your prospects. Focus on only three services

Promote only three packages.

I know.  I know.  There are 50 things that you want to sell.  And probably 100 things that you are good at providing.

Don’t.  It’s too confusing.

Share only three services when you talk to new prospects.  People get confused when you are offering too many options.  And they will move into the indecision mindset (aka won’t spend money) rather than buy from you.

Consider the last time YOU had to make a decision with too many options.   I visited a diner recently with a 15 page menu.  Fifteen pages y’all.  I spent five minutes agonizing over what to order.  And what did I pick?  My short stack of pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Which is the same thing I order at every diner I visit.

So save yourself the headache.  And the time to fiddle around with your website pages and marketing copy.

Pick three services. And focus on those ONLY.

Be clear – I am not suggesting that you stop selling all of your services.  On the contraire.  Your long term clients deserve to have the full range of options.  And I know it’s mentally stimulating to most businesses to provide options.

But your long term clients already know what results your company provides.  They are clear why they pay you the money so you can overwhelm them with new information.

So, I challenge you to only offer three services for your new clients.

  • Start with those are most frequently requested.
  • Heck, pick three out of a hat if you are not sure.  You can play around with the top three until you find the right mix.

But put the brakes on your sales conversations and stop at three.

Tell me which three things are you going to focus on this month?

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