Mindset, Model and Marketing Systems

The 3 Tools You Need to Launch your Business while Moonlighting

Are you struggling to get your business started?

I get it.  Juggling the “9-Grind” while trying to make your dreams of your business happen ain’t easy.  If you keep telling yourself, “One day I’ll start the business” but haven’t been able to get past writing down the name, this is the group program for you.

You’ll leave the program with:

  • A clear sense of your company’s story and why customers will flock to you
  • Your business model which makes it hard for others to duplicate your “why” but creates a sense of joy that keeps your clients coming back for more
  • Systems to help you start selling while you are working so you never have to jump ship and pray
  • Insights into the sales process so you can focus on your strengths and keep new and current clients coming back
  • Tips on how to save time and money with getting started

I have been teaching small business planning classes and have received several awards for my work.  Plus I’m proud to say that I’ve got my success stories.

But what you really care about – is that I’m committed.  I’m committed to help you kickstart YOUR potential.  So you can get started with confidence and clarity about what it will take to hit the ground running on the day that you hand in your resignation letter.  You won’t have to guess if your business works.  Because you’ll have sales to prove it.

And you won’t be working ridiculous hours to figure it out.  You’ll have a trusted advisor on your side who wants you to focus on your strengths and will guide you in new ways of thinking about the areas that might be holding you back.

Ready to sign up?  Got questions?

  1. Email me at info@mallaharidat.com.
  2. You’ll receive a link to sign up for a free 20 min session.
  3. I only offer 10 of these a month so don’t delay!   Because I want to see you get that cash flowing in quicker!!!!