Piggybackr, Andrea Lo – Tips for youth crowdfundraising


I heard about Andrea Lo from a Forbes.com mention and was blown away by her business idea.  Youth crowdfundraising!  Talk about taking the door to door school sales campaign to the next level!!

She is a former consultant turned entrepreneur.  She did her due diligence by networking with entrepreneurs and having an internship in the industry.  And being willing to hang out in circles that were male dominated shows her chutzpah!

Her business idea?  She paid attention to problems as the source of her idea.  Watch in the interview for the story about her younger sister’s bracelet campaign.

Andrea shares some GREAT tips for young entrepreneurs and those who are interested in fundraising and want to use today’s technology.  It’s all part of the vision she has for her company, Piggybackr and how young people can empower themselves and contribute to the causes they believe in through crowdfundraising.

I won’t give away all of the good stuff  but pay attention to the three tips she shares at the end.  I know I wrote down some ideas to share with other young people and used one of them in a workshop that I held with a group that was crowdfundraising.

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Want more from Andrea?  Follow her on Twitter at @andreatlo and check out the Piggybackr  site.

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