Put your money in the BLACK Strategy Session

What is it?

A high impact 12 week program designed to get you more customers, less “fly by the seat of your pants” and an easy to implement business plan that takes your talent straight to the BANK.

What do I get?

It’s time to get your business back on the path of financial success that you truly deserve.   You might be struggling with finding the right clients, getting them to pay your full value or dealing with the feast and famine cycles of running a business.

So let’s stop the roller coaster of overwhelm and create a plan that leaves you clear on what to do first.

You don’t need to do this alone!  I can help you break free of the overwhelm and challenges that are eating at your sense of security, happiness, desires and dreams. Together we can start making some instant deposits into your emotional and financial bank account that will bring you confidence, joy and put your money back in the black.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:


A 90 day action plan  that frees you from “What do I do first?”

  • This document will free you from the question: What do I do Monday morning?  Instead you’ll know where to focus your time for the next three months.  This document will change your life and keep you on track!

A clearer understanding of who your target customer really is

  • Stop wasting time and money on attracting the wrong clients.  This approach is a game changer.  You will have a crystal ball into the minds of your target clients are and you’ll save time and money on marketing to the right people

Your 3 marketing goals 

  • There are thousands of marketing strategies out there.  But what’s the best one for you??  You already know that marketing is the lifeline of your business so we will customize a plan to give you action orientated goals in 90 days that fit perfectly with your business model and your own personal style!

The sales plan for people who don’t like selling

  • The time for beating people over the head and hard core sales is gone.  You need a sales plan that builds long term relationships from people who are your truest fans.  So let’s create a sales plan that fits both your business personality and your customer’s interests!
What do you need to prepare?

Once you register, I’ll send you a template of questions that you’ll need to answer in advance.  This will help me do my homework on your business and develop a guide for our talk.

What concerns do you have?

I guess your answer is: “A LOT”. Like:

  • Am I smart enough to do this?
  • Do I have everything I need before I get started?
  • What happens if I fail?

Well, guess what?  Those concerns are valid and real until you’ve had a small business strategist like me guide you along the way to overcome these hurdles.  When you finish my job is to get you say: “WHICH CONCERNS? I HAVEN’T ANY”!

The full value for this offer is $7500  It includes:

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  • Ongoing email coaching through the 12 weeks
  • A custom marketing plan that fits your marketing personality and attracts your ideal clients
  • Sales coaching that will help you handle objections, negotiating and tools to help you to talk to more decision makers
  • Review of your website content – I will review up to 3 pages on your website or your email marketing to help better position your company value
  • A social media marketing strategy that will help you find prospective clients
  • A coach who is focused on keeping you encouraged and motivated when you have to tackle the tough parts of implementing the plan

So what are my next steps?

  • Complete the form below.
  • I’ll review it within 72 business hours.
  • If you are a good fit for the program, I’ll share a scheduling link and we will discuss payment options.

You’ll start putting your money in the BLACK and taking your talent to the bank!!