Step #1 – Introduction

Start by talking about the weather or something to break the ice 

Step #2  – Ask questions

A cardinal sin in sales is to jump straight in and ask for the sale. Instead, start with questions. 

Example questions include:

  • How do you feel about  (THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE) ?
  • What’s your biggest priority (ABOUT THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE) at the moment?
  • How would a  solution make your life easier?

Even if you have a short window,, you want to know more about the current pains of the customer.  Otherwise you’ll recommend solutions that don’t fit.  Write down their concerns WORD for word.  You will better connect your benefits and handle objections easier.  . 

Step # 3

Position why your product/service is the solution – After you have asked several clarifying questions, you can start to connect to the benefits of your product/service.  Here is an example

I hear that you have had issues with [Pains], so we aim to solve that by [Solution Description]. This goes beyond other solutions on the market because [Value Proposition], resulting in [specific examples of client wins].”

Don’t be tempted to overload them with details.  Instead, share a few benefits and schedule time later to dive into the details.  Your focus at this point is to connect a few of the benefits of your business with the problems that they shared earlier.    This demonstrates that the solution you are offering is what they need.

Step #4 – Close

If you’ve done the work earlier (ie. asked questions and did initial research on your prospect), you invite them to work with you or buy your product.   Address any objections that they have and be specific about how you plan to follow-up if they say yes – ie. Would you prefer I send the invoice or we schedule the next call  on Tues or Thursday to get started?