The Earn More 3 month coaching program

Let’s be honest:

Running your own business ain’t easy!!! 

Creating the kind of alchemy that transforms your gifts, talents, and abilities into an enduring and thriving business takes tenacity, focus, and chutzpah.

  • Is your business profitable yet—and are you wondering if it ever will be?
  • Have you not been able to crack the code for generating ongoing sales?
  • And are you overwhelmed with a never-ending things to do list?

You’re not alone!

Too many entrepreneurs are working long hours, and still earning well under $40,000 a year.

The great news is you can dig yourself out of this unfortunate hole—and I’m here to help!

I’m an award-winning coach who has been featured in publications like The New York Times.

For many years I’ve been teaching small-business-planning classes, and helping my workshop attendees to boost their businesses to new heights.

Now I’ve created a coaching program that will help you own your true value, and put the necessary systems in place that can help to grow your client reach exponentially.

All while remaining true to who you are, and your style of doing business.

You should join this program if you are:

  • A serviced-based business owner who is STRUGGGGGGGLING to find clients
  • AMAZING at the service you deliver and well versed in your industry
  • In LOVE with what you do, to the point where it isn’t working — you’re not getting the love back in the form of new sales
  • Targeting a market that is super niche, and you haven’t found the right combination of marketing and sales techniques that produce the sound: Ka-ching!
  • Engaged with clients who are fanatical about your products and services, yet  you’re still struggling to pay the bills

As part of this program, you’ll:

  • Discover what drives your clients to buy, and how to create products and services that speak to their problems
  • Create a plan that balances marketing, sales, and product delivery in a way that feels comfortable to you
  • Get support to uncover your unique value and convert prospective clients into true believers—who buy!

You’ll leave with a system that allows you to market and sell your services easier and with better results!

Abundance is on the way! There’s an easier, smarter way to do business.

Ready to reserve your space today?  Contact me at to reserve a 20 min session to discuss your goals.  

Let’s take it to the next level—together!