Your three social media profiles #15min social media

Just get started, Girl!

So you have your name and your photo from my earlier post on starting your Social Media in 15 min

Now you get to finish up the profile – who hoo!

Let me offer a few simple targeted steps for each tool:


Facebook has the easiest profile to fill out because it’s generated by a few standard questions.  You can easily bang out – work at, live at, studied at.   Include some basic contact information and your birthdate (you don’t have to include the  year but give people a way to send some Bday love)

If you have time to start answering questions about your interests, music faves, movie faves, etc – great.  If not – no worries!  People who know you will find out your likes soon enough!


Twitter is a short profile but a hard one – you only have 140 characters to use.  I recommend you brainstorm on paper/computer some ideas first .

Think of three things that you could talk about ad nauseam in a networking environment.  Those are things you want to add to your profile along with some hint of your professional life.

Make sure to include important website links via a link shortener like


This one is going to take you the longest time to complete.  There is no way around it.  I could easily offer a complete tutorial on the LinkedIn profile alone.  I spent three months working on my profile to get it to the place where I felt it best reflected my professional experiences – but didn’t read exactly the same as my resume.  Three months?  Yup.  I did exactly as I have outlined here.  I spent 10 min, 15 min at a time working on it.

So start by entering the companies you have worked at and select one other fun category.  Happily you can continue to update your LinkedIn profile and launch it at one time.

What questions or challenges have come up for you from these steps?

And stay tuned for my next steps on the 15 min a day to social media

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