Malla Haridat is an award winning entrepreneur, author, and founder of New Designs for Life Inc.an innovative training company.


Malla has been recognized by the Mayor of New York City for her work as a mentor to entrepreneurs.

She has won the NYC Small Business Award for entrepreneurship innovation.

The New York Times did a full-page article on her work and said “Malla Haridat gets people thinking like an entrepreneur.”

Malla Haridat is a contributor to Black Enterprise Magazine, HuffingtonPost and has been quoted by Fox Small Business and Inc.

She has worked with Black Enterprise Magazine Entrepreneur Conference and sits on the Board of Advisors for Barnard College’s Entrepreneurship Group.

Malla has a degree from Columbia University and is the former Vice President of College Relations for the New York chapter of the National Board of African-American HR professionals.

She specializes in teaching people how to tackle the big question marks in their life to get the most important answers needed to experience success.


Malla started her entrepreneurial pursuits at age 16 when she sold the car she inherited from her grandmother to start a vending machine and when she’s not working, she’s teaching her young daughter how to take advantage of life through entrepreneurial thinking.




1) Why You Should Forget Goal Setting and Focus on Implementing Goal Getting

We constantly hear about the importance of setting goals. The dirty little secret about goal setting is that if setting a goal were enough; we’d have way more successful people. So what are the reasons many people fail at achieving their goals? It’s not that they aren’t excited about them—it’s actually about how to stay consistent in moving toward them day to day. When any set goal breaks down, it’s usually because it stops being worked on after the initial “puppy love” phase of setting the goal.

But what if there were another way? What if there were a way to make a goal stick for the long run? There is a way, and that is to move away from “Goal Setting” and move to “Goal Getting.”

In this presentation, Malla Haridat, who has focused her entire career on uncovering what people don’t know they don’t know about success, has created a goal-getting formula that has been proven to help people achieve more, and, most importantly, set goals that they actually stick with achieving.

In the professional world, whether it’s getting a new job, getting a raise, getting new education or growing a business, there is a specific formula to stay consistent with the work that actually needs to be done—even when it is not fun.

Have you ever worked with a group of people that you know could achieve more, but they just aren’t manifesting goals at the level you know that they should? This goal-getting presentation will help attendees break down the step-by-step system for setting consistently working toward, and achieving their professional goals.

2) The Hidden Factors of the Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Among employers, an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most sought-after professional character traits. Whether starting a business or working within a company, the entrepreneurial mindset is the problem-solving, action-oriented, get-things-done way of being, without a lot of resources, that moves organizations forward.

However, there are many misconceptions about what the entrepreneurial mindset is, and how to cultivate it. It is not some magical gift that only a few get to possess because they won some genetic lottery. It is accessible to all.  We just need to know exactly what it is, and how to tap into it.

In this fun, interactive, and engaging presentation, Malla Haridat breaks down what people know about success by implementing the entrepreneurial mindset.

After this presentation, attendees will:

  • Have a new relationship with failing, and actually be comfortable with mistakes
  • Be able to know what advice is worth taking, and—most importantly—how to actually implement good advice
  • Move away from waiting for a “magic bullet,” or obsessing over “one” idea, and instead move toward embracing the journey, and doing the day-to-day work necessary to actually achieve professional success.

If you are looking for a presentation that will help attendees to move out of their comfort zones, and stop holding on to old ways of doing things that just aren’t working—and start taking steps toward realizing their dreams—this is the presentation you’ve been waiting for. It will turn the entrepreneurial light switch on in attendees’ heads, and bring clarity and illumination.

3)  Advanced Entrepreneurial Training (40-Hour Training)

If you are looking for a full-service training program that takes entrepreneurs from start to launch, and on to the initial growth phase, then this is the only intensive that you will ever need.

Advanced Entrepreneurial Training (“AET”) training is not a fluffy, pie-in-the-sky experience that teaches the “what”—but not the “how.” It helps startups to realize their goal of launching then growing a fully functional and self-sustaining business, via a fun, interactive, and effective training.

AET is all about teaching the most important aspects of jumpstarting an enterprise, then running and managing it that most first-time entrepreneurs are oblivious to(?).

In this training, attendees will:

  • Create a business plan that actually works. The not-so-hidden secret of the successful entrepreneur community is that most 40-page business plans are just for bankers or funders, but aren’t actually what business owners use to take action. If you want to create a business plan that is actually useful, and doesn’t just sit on the shelf once written. This training creates a highly actionable, usable business plan that gets results. It moves entrepreneurs from business theory to business action!
  • Learn how to actually test a product or service before putting in tons of  development time, only to find out that he or she has created a product or service that the market doesn’t actually want. Most businesses fail because they don’t do or don’t know how to do such vital market research. In her workshop, Malla systematically breaks down this critical step—which has numbered among the biggest highlights for most participants from her previous trainings. 
  • Receive guidance on how to obtain the valuable support systems needed to start their business—without breaking the bank. Participants will learn how to run their company like a Fortune 500 business, but on a shoestring budget. This includes all the latest technology hacks, startup secrets, and strategies that can help fledgling companies look like a million bucks for less than what most people might spend on a month’s worth of coffee. This course levels the playing field, so no matter where a business is starting from, they are starting from a fair position—instead of far behind.
  • How to market, and how to effectively get your idea out to your specific target market. Knowing how to get the word out is crucial for sustaining a business through its critical first few months—then consistently doing this, so your market doesn’t forget about you, and move on. Staying top of mind for your customers, so they think of you when they need help, is vital to getting customers through the door. Malla is constantly keeping up with the simplest methods and best practices, to avoid entrepreneurs’ feeling in over their heads when applying these approaches.
  • If you want participants to walk away feeling clear and confident on next steps for selling, this training successfully moves them in that direction.

If you want a training that will teach participants how to become business numerate, and comfortable with numbers, this is the training you have been looking for.

It uniquely focuses on what people don’t know about starting and running a business. It helps them discover for themselves through fun, interactive, reality-based activities on how to get started, driven by the tech practice of gamification. This training isn’t a class on theory, it’s a class that moves people toward action during the training!

4) The Woman’s Underground Guide to Entrepreneurial Success

In the workforce, a woman make 86 cents to a man’s dollar. In entrepreneurship, that figure is 70 cents to male counterparts in the same industry. Clearly there is a disparity here.  

Where does this come from—and why does it currently exist? In this hard-hitting presentation, Coach, Malla Haridat unearths what is really holding women back—and keeping them from succeeding at the levels they should.

This program is vital if creating equity in the business world is important to you. This presentation reveals shocking reasons why women aren’t experiencing the same success as their male peers.

For women to step into their true greatness, they must understand not just the strategies of success, but what barriers—including mental ones—are keeping them from accelerating.

For example, did you know that a recent study showed that a man needs to see if he can do just two out of 10 items on a job description to feel competent enough to apply, whereas a woman typically needs to see eight out of 10 before she will apply?

There are many factors that lead to this. Through meticulous research, Malla has discovered where many of these stumbling blocks come from, and how to eliminate them.

This will move women forward with a newfound sense of confidence, and willingness to sell and be told no, without having it stop them from persistently pursuing future sales.

In this aha-inducing experience, Malla stirs women’s awareness of hidden roadblocks that hinder business success—while providing a blueprint for moving forward, and playing by a new set of rules!

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Using Social Media for Your Career and Personal Life – Malla Haridat

Malla Haridate Teaches Social Media Strategies that Turn Expertise Into Cash

Maximizing LinkedIn

A short sample of prior speaking events include:

  • Association of Black Foundation Executives
  • Association of MIT Alumnae
  • Bank Street College
  • Barnard College
  • Black Enterprise Kidpreneurs/Teenpreneurs Conference
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College
  • Columbia University, School of International Pubic Affairs
  • Enterprise-Rent-a-Car
  • National Association of Professional Organizers
  • National Urban Fellows
  • Partnership for After School Corporation
  • Pierre Toussaint Scholarship Program
  • PYP Freelance Business Development Summit
  • Queens Economic Development Corporation



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