Start 2015 On The Positive!

Are you freaking out about the business goals that you wanted to achieve this year….and haven’t tackled?

Are you freaking out about the business goals that you wanted to achieve this year….and haven’t tackled?

Trust me, I can relate. It’s easy to get distracted from running your business:

  • Family obligations
  • Social events
  • Answering crazy emails
  • Bills
  • Serving current clients while you stress trying to get new ones

So if you glanced up in panic mode but are ready to take action, I’ve got two ideas for you:

1. Look at your goals from January

2. Pick ONE that you know will make a big impact on your business. The one that is creating fear because you don’t know what to do to get started and what if you fail….

And get STARTED!!!

Yes it is that easy and you’ve got a nice ticking clock (aka December 2014) to incentivize you to get it done.

Because you want to start 2015 in a successful place. And if you get started now, you can start off 2015 off powerfully.

Now I’m sure you have questions. Here are a few that might come to mind:

What if I didn’t write down my goals in January? Easy. Act like it’s January 2014. Pour a glass of champagne/something bubbly and start writing. Act like it’s the beginning of the year where all things are possible. Now pick one goal.

What if you don’t know what the best goal is to get started? Just pick one. Create a dart board with your list and pick one. Toss a coin. Have a family member or a random stranger pick one. While the goal is important, it is MORE important to get started. This is about creating momentum and moving your business forward when you get stuck

I failed the last time I tried_____________________. I don’t know how to do this. I hear you. It’s tough when it doesn’t work. Find a mentor or entrepreneurial friend or schedule time with a business coach (Hint. Hint. I can help you with this!!). Tell them what happened and get their advice on how to avoid it again. And be open to the fact that they might tell you do something…..that you really don’t want to do but you know in your heart is the right thing!

How do I stop thinking_______________? – Language is a big factor that plays in you moving forward. So instead of saying, “I failed this year by not starting”, try thinking about it as “I am ready to end the year powerfully”. It seems subtle and cheesy but this language is the difference that will get you the energy you need to start over.

Got questions? Not sure where to get started? Go ahead and send a comment below and I’ll help you solve your problem in an upcoming blog post.

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