Start Your Biz Social Media Campaign #15min

No more info overload

If you read my earlier post about How to Start Using Social Media in your Business in just  15 min a day, you were probably thinking,

“Geez Malla.  Just start one account? That’s pretty basic”

It is.  But far too often I hear from entrepreneurs that they are going to get started.  And going to get started.  And going to get started.  Some day.

And they never do.

I understand what happens. I’m guilty of doing the same thing.  You make the decision to start your social media campaign.  You start your research.  You bookmark a bunch of interesting websites.  You read, read, read and collect ideas.  You talk to a few friends about what they did.

And you get caught in the information trap.  It’s easy at this point to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

I won’t tell you the total # of sites I had saved when I first got started.  lol. It’s amazing I ever got to this point.

So trust me.  As basic as it seems, just start by opening one account.

Not three or five.  Just one.

Once you’ve opened up one account, I’ve got the next steps you can take to get comfortable with social media in 15 min a day.

Explore the tabs

Spend 10 min for the next two-three few days just exploring the tabs and the options. Don’t worry if you don’t know what they do at this point.  Just write down the names and see what features exist.

If you can figure out what they do, great.  If not, don’t stress.  It might take some time for all of the names to be clear.  At this point, you just want to observe them.  You don’t have to use them.  It’s not important to “get it right”.

Just get comfortable with the names.  Try to guess what they do.

If you have any extra time go into the help or info tabs and walk through 1-2 tutorials.  Don’t do any more than two.  Again you won’t understand everything yet.  That’s fine.  You are on your way.

I’ll share next steps in my next post.

One thought on “Start Your Biz Social Media Campaign #15min

  1. Patrick says:

    Nice post. Keeping it simple always works for me. I find so many people that try to clutter up their social media efforts.

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