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Help out an old school entrepreneurI’m sure by now you’ve been hit with a ton of reasons why you need to be using social media.  You know it needs to be part of your marketing plan.  Everyone is raving about how much business is being conducted through social media.

But if you are an old school entrepreneur and are not comfortable with technology – how do you get started?  What’s the first thing to do?  How do you learn how to use the programs without saying or doing something wrong? It can be very overwhelming.

It seems like an easy task to outsource.  Rather than spending precious time learning how to update or “tweet”, hire an intern or find a social media services company to do the work and keep everything updated.

I know I certainly thought that was a good idea.  Luckily one of my mentors schooled me on why I needed to spend the time and learn.  Customers want to hear from YOU.  And even if you hire someone you need to know what your voice is and how best to share it in a way that is alignment with your brand.

You only get that if YOU are active on the platforms.

So it only takes 15 min to get started.  If you have more time, great.  But if not, this should at least get you to the next stage.  You won’t know nearly everything that you need.  But you will have the tools to get past the initial inertia and overwhelm.

1. Pick one of the top three platforms.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the dominant players at this writing.  Don’t worry about the 400 others and the new ones you haven’t even heard of.  Just pick one.

And as crazy as it sounds – it doesn’t matter which one you choose.  Eventually you want to have a presence on all three.  So just choose one for right now.

2. Visit the site and set up an account

Enter your email and moderately difficult password.  And then close out the website.

That’s all you need for Day 1.

I’ll share steps for the next 29 days in tomorrow’s post.  In the interim, share in the comments section the platform that you choose and any questions you have about getting started.

5 thoughts on “Start your business social media in 15 min

  1. Lisa says:

    I never thought I would find such an everdyay topic so enthralling!

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  4. malla says:

    Sweet! I look forward to continuing the series and sharing more. Let me know what areas continue to raise questions for you or are hard to troubleshoot.

  5. Crystal Seaton says:

    I’m excited about this. I’m not old school and do use facebook fairly well. But there is always more to learn! Thanks.

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