Stop waiting. Start this before you need the $$$

There is something that entrepreneurs often forget when they are planning all of the details.


Nervous about flipping the switch to start your business?  Because you don’t have everything “all together” yet?

STOOOOPPPP the nonnnnnnsense.  You ain’t never gonna get it perfect. Just start.

  • Before you are ready
  • Before you have things organized
  • Or perfect

And for the ladies who are about to flip me the side eye……I’m talking to you.  Start telling people why you can help them solve their problems.  Before you are comfortable.

I was chatting with friend recently.  A really smart woman.  In school getting her Masters. Working full time and handling family and life responsibilities.

She knows I coach entrepreneurs.  She started proudly telling me about what she developed already  in the pre-launch stage of her business.

  • Legal status
  • Business cards
  • Location
  • Website

But there was something missing.  And it’s common for entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that connect their heart with their future invoices.  


When you are sharing a business that is connected to your heart and passion, it can be scary.   And it’s easy to develop a blind eye to marketing.  Who wants to busy their time with spreading the  message when you’ve got details to plan?  Super important things that need to get done.

But it’s the ONLY way that you will plant the seeds for later sales. You need to know what resonates.

  • Do they read your blog posts? Or prefer to be inspired via your Instagram posts?
  • Do they hang onto your every word via Facebook Live video? Or prefer to take their time your email marketing ?
  • Should you focus on partnerships? Or do they expect to see you solo?
  • Should you speak at events? Blog?  Email?  Youtube?  Social media your way to the top?

You won’t know until you get started.

And fail.

And fail.

And fail again.

And keep picking yourself up to test a new idea.

And after you start looking back at your numbers, you’ll figure out where people want to connect with you.  It’s where they show up.  Talk back.  Tell you what their problems are.  And give you valuable insights into what their real problems are.

And will help you develop the exact type of services that they will.

So promise me, you’ll start.  You are tired of talking about it.  Tired of creating things to do lists that focus on the business operations.

I want you to earn sales.  But before you do, start spreading the message.  How you can help people with your business.  Why your story makes you qualified to do this work.  How you’ve helped others in the past.  Why YOUR business can serve clients like no other.

You will start developing your marketing platform.  People will hear your voice and begin to connect with why they want to do business with your FUTURE company

One thought on “Stop waiting. Start this before you need the $$$

  1. malla says:

    You hit the nail right on the head. Women often will tell you everything about their business — but the marketing. You can so often walk away from meeting someone and not knowing exactly what it is that they do.
    As an online visibility coach and social media expert, I repeat that so much that people know how I help my clients and how my services might support them in their businesses. So, great reminder for women to market before everything is perfect. I especially love what you said about sharing so that people will know why they would want to work with your “FUTURE” business.

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