Stop worrying about your marketing being perfect

You are missing out on people who WANT to work with you. But they have to hear from you on a regular basis.

If you are trying to juggle the “crazy” of finding new clients while managing your existing clients, I salute you.

And if you are a perfectionist who only submits flawless work,  I challenge you.  Stop worrying about it being perfect when it comes to YOUR marketing.  Just get it done.  Get more out there.  Stop stressing that it can only be perfect before you publish it.

What does “obsessing over the details” look like?

  • Writing, rewriting and rewriting a blog post.  But never hitting publish
  • Spending hours designing pretty pictures in Canva.  But never hitting publish
  • Scribbling down the best ideas you heard at a fancy event about networking.  But never implementing them

Perfection doesn’t pay the bills.

You are missing out on people who WANT  to work with you.  But they have to hear from you on a regular basis.

You won’t know which blog post is going to be viral.

You have no idea which Facebook ad is crush it.

You won’t figure out which live streaming video is going to build the bridge between you and prospects.

Until you have hours of content.

Until you have ANALYTICS.  Stats, my friend.  Numbers that show you what people are really interested and ready to take action.

Stats are your new marketing BFF.  Create more content.  

Get more analytics and information.

So get more numbers so you can make better decisions.

For example, I started using Periscope last year.  At first, I was shy about putting up multiple videos.  I thought it would be overwhelming.  For my audience AND me.

However, I started observing the “Scope Masters”.  People who were crushing it on Periscope.  They weren’t shy about hosting videos several times a day.  Being totally authentic with their audiences – no makeup, no staged backdrops, no fussing over audio.   Just ongoing trust building with their communities. And making offers.

There was nothing icky about it.  They were just talking to their people.  Figuring out what they needed most.  And educating and building trust.

How do they know what content to produce in the future?  The hearts.  Comments.  Days of new followers will dictate what people want.

And they can use that information to build new coaching programs.  New service offerings.  New opportunities.

But until you have a volume of content, you won’t know what works.


So don’t stress another day about perfecting your content.  Yes, you want to look professional.  Yes, you want to ensure that your brand is classy.

But you also need to be present.  So be willing to take some risks. And challenge yourself to produce more.  More.  More.  More.  And figure out what is really connecting with your people.

It will take a shift in your calendar.

But it will take a bigger shift in your heart.  Remember your people need you.  They will love your imperfections.  So don’t stress over the perfect.


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