Stressed out and need more time to run your business?


Need to find more time in your schedule?  But you don’t even have time to schedule a call with an organization expert or coach to figure it out?  lol.  No worries!  I got you.

Let me help you reclaim your time doing housework and trying to run your business.   I started using these tips recently while juggling my business, my full time (and a half job) and family and personal life.  I’ve found this one in particular to be game changing.  I’m not as stressed out and have more brain power to spend on my business.


Don’t miss the simplicity of this step.  It is often easy to bypass because you think “that’s too expensive” or “I really don’t need that”.   But think about what it’s costing you to NOT get things done in your business?  That’s your real loss so take action before you leave the computer today.

And yes, I created this video to be under 2 min on purpose.  I want you to spend less time learning and more time doing what you love.

Share  your thoughts and feedback.  Yes, I know they are simple.  But they are so simple that you are probably not DOING them.

2 thoughts on “Stressed out and need more time to run your business?

  1. malla says:

    Whoo hoo! Very excited to hear, Bonnie. I’ll be posting videos of a few more tips so stay tuned and feel free to share this.

  2. Bonnie Brown says:

    I love this video Malla! You helped me with this advice a few years ago an it really has helped me in running my business!!

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