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The one thing we often forget when we have a ton of clients

Can you relate to this scenario? You are in the midst serving several clients.  Your schedule is packed.  You are giddy with the invoices that you are able to send out. So of course you are bound to forget this KEY thing in your business. Check out the video:

Why I’d rather be doing…… than marketing my business

I’m sure you could fill in that blank with a bunch of different things. You’d rather be DOING your business than: developing your marketing strategy; figuring out your target market, ideal client, most fantabolous client avatar coming up with ideas for how to spread the word about what you do or creating strategies why YOU […]

Will the real target market please stand up?

How do you really determine who your target market is?  I mean your REAL target market – not the one you made up when you were writing a business plan.  Who are the people who will purchase your products or services ? The best way to identify your target market is to use data and […]