Among employers, an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most sought-after professional character traits. Whether starting a business or working within a company, the entrepreneurial mindset is the problem-solving, action-oriented, get-things-done way of being, without a lot of resources, that moves organizations forward.

However, there are many misconceptions about what the entrepreneurial mindset is, and how to cultivate it. It is not some magical gift that only a few get to possess because they won some genetic lottery. It is accessible to all.  We just need to know exactly what it is, and how to tap into it.

In this fun, interactive, and engaging presentation, Malla Haridat breaks down what people know about success by implementing the entrepreneurial mindset.

After this presentation, attendees will:

  • Have a new relationship with failing, and actually be comfortable with mistakes
  • Be able to know what advice is worth taking, and—most importantly—how to actually implement good advice
  • Move away from waiting for a “magic bullet,” or obsessing over “one” idea, and instead move toward embracing the journey, and doing the day-to-day work necessary to actually achieve professional success.

If you are looking for a presentation that will help attendees to move out of their comfort zones, and stop holding on to old ways of doing things that just aren’t working—and start taking steps toward realizing their dreams—this is the presentation you’ve been waiting for. It will turn the entrepreneurial light switch on in attendees’ heads, and bring clarity and illumination.

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