In the workforce, a woman make 86 cents to a man’s dollar. In entrepreneurship, that figure is 70 cents to male counterparts in the same industry. Clearly there is a disparity here.  

Where does this come from—and why does it currently exist? In this hard-hitting presentation, Coach, Malla Haridat unearths what is really holding women back—and keeping them from succeeding at the levels they should.

This program is vital if creating equity is important. This presentation reveals shocking reasons why women aren’t experiencing the same success as their male peers and how they can take action to ensure their value is acknowledged.

For women to step into their true greatness, they must understand not just the strategies of success, but what barriers—including mental ones—are keeping them from accelerating.

For example, did you know that a recent study showed that a man needs to see if he can do just two out of 10 items on a job description to feel competent enough to apply, whereas a woman typically needs to see eight out of 10 before she will apply?

After this presentation, participants will discover the following:

  • How to sell your ideas even when it’s uncomfortable
  • The power of taking ownership
  • The power of failing 

In this aha-inducing experience, Malla stirs women’s awareness of hidden roadblocks that hinder success—while providing a blueprint for moving forward, and playing by a new set of rules and a new found confidence!

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