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1 to 1 Coaching

Malla Haridat helps entrepreneurs identify what they don’t know that they don’t know about building successful businesses. Learn more about 1to1 coaching to get the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

“Malla has an acute level of listening and can pick out clues about what you are really dealing with like a detective. I highly recommend Malla’s coaching services if you are looking to have explosive business growth.”

  -Jillian White

“Malla helps you dig beneath the surface and get to the heart of what’s holding you back.  She focuses on specific strategies and gives you detailed advice on how to effectively market your skills to new clients.”

  – Marianne Moro

“Because of Malla’s coaching support, I’m no longer afraid to take chances on my business, Dog Trainers Connection. We just filled a workshop quicker than we ever did before and people have to pay 20 times more for a ticket! Working with Malla is 100% productive because she gives us help that actually gets us to the next level.”

  – Bonnie Brown

“Malla’s coaching added the philosophy of selecting the right opportunities to not only pursue, but the opportunities to steer clear of. In so many cases, trainers and coaches want to place their program or style over your life, but Malla took inventory of my skillset and passions and crafted the proper roadmap “with me.” Malla helped me find my “why” and motivated me to not be afraid to live my story. I am truly indebted to Malla and look forward to having her as an advisor in my corner!”

 – Chris Dennis

“Malla is such a breath of fresh air! She’s a goal getter, a motivator and awesome at helping you want to be that way as well. She uses a hands-on approach when coaching you. I have learned to not question myself and just dive in, and if the worst thing that could happen is that you fail, well then at least you tried.”

– Marina Brown

“Malla is approachable, encouraging, generous, and relentless. I was so motivated to push myself and to keep going because she supportively challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone and think of new ways to grow my business. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and can’t wait to do so again!”

– Rebekah Shoaf

Instagram Testimonials

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“Theeeeee BEST Business Coach!” 

– @heavenforthewin

“She has coached 1,000s of biz owners to success and beyond.”

– @embracechangenyc

“Hi, Malla, I really enjoyed your Ladies Get Paid session today. I’d love to learn more about the offer you mentioned.”

– @

“Hi, Malla, I really enjoyed your Ladies Get Paid session today. I’d love to learn more about the offer you mentioned.”

– @

“Hi, Malla, thanks for the great workshop at LGP! I’m reaching out to see how I can get your 30-day sales planner.”

– @

“I highly recommend adding @mharidat to your team of advisors.”

– @cup_o_johan

“Funny enough @mharidat was the one who spotted me quiet in her biz class and was like “You’re thinking too small” and keeps pushing me to keep going.”

– @joyvalerlee

“THANK YOU, Malla! The WTF call gave me support, some amazing ideas, and compassion.”

– @embracechangenyc

“Literal tears this week on this journey… it’s hard y’all, I’m not gonna lie. But I’m so grateful for the angels among us like @mharidat that kept me going with a plan and encouragement.”

– @luvspunfloss

“You need a business coach? See @mharidat.”

– @cup_o_johan

“Actually after a quiet pause, you probably will catch me running. Got work to do. Like my coach @mharidat says, “If I don’t, who will?”

– @erica1hernandez

“Another great business coach.”

– @projectglamourllc

1 to 1 Coaching

Malla Haridat helps entrepreneurs identify what they don’t know that they don’t know about building successful businesses. Learn more about 1to1 coaching to get the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

“I had the pleasure of being led by Malla throughout a 10-week intensive business course (via QEDC) and she is amazing! Malla is extremely knowledgeable, she meets people where they are at professionally and intellectually, and she gives everyone ample 1-on-1 time to ensure their needs are being met and that they understand the material. Something I appreciated, that I also think is indicative of her character, is the fact that she typically stayed logged on for an hour past our end time just to answer questions, and never complained or dismissed us. She’s great at what she does, and she cares! A+ from me.”

 – Jonelle Robinson

“Malla will kick your butt to challenge your preconceptions and shake you out of your blind spots. She delivered great training for entrepreneurs through EAC at QEDC. Thanks, Malla — I know my success will be a credit to your advice. I can’t wait until I have enough income from the business to afford you one-on-one!”

 – David Freiman

“I had the opportunity to have Malla as an instructor for a small business training course I attended in Queens, and she was amazing. She had me rethinking new ways of promoting, selling, and organizing my business to be more effective. She makes you think outside the box, and that is essential when becoming a new entrepreneur. It was a great learning experience, and she has a lot of knowledge and expertise to offer.”

 – Maida Sharpe-Silverio

“What truths can I write about Malla that haven’t already been written in previous reviews? She is fantastic at helping entrepreneurs get to the heart of their needs to help them grow. I know this because it is exactly what she did for me.”

“I began QEDC’s entrepreneurial course with an empowering personal story and a lot of knowledge on how to make pretty products, but minimal direction on how to use these strengths to build my brand. With each class I attended, Malla offered realistic, actionable goals on tackling this seemingly daunting task, and fed us her wealth of knowledge and wisdom in easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks. Abstract ideas on marketing and sales suddenly made perfect sense. Clarity on how to approach my brand story and present it to my target market led to actual results. I left each class with a fresh business “roadmap” to follow, so to speak – a roadmap that I wanted to (and could actually) implement! I also enjoyed how she did not hesitate to share the spotlight with other experts in the business field (i.e., an accountant, patent attorneys, to name a few).

Malla always showed eagerness in listening and responding with personalized guidance on developing the tools I needed to move forward. I felt comfortable, connected, and motivated throughout my time working with her. That kind of support is hard to find and crucial for success in business – heck, in any aspect of life.

The tough work of building my brand is far from complete, but I can confidently say that the foundation is solid and the road to my brand success is well-lit, thanks to Malla. If you’re on the scout for a take-you-to-the-next-level business coach, I highly recommend Malla Haridat.”

– Sandra Lee Smith

“For the past weeks, Malla has been much more than an instructor at the QEDC Entrepreneur class. She is a flexible, intuitive, caring, responsive coach. We named her a dream crusher, but in fact, should have called her a divine messenger, Malla was an invaluable source of advice, motivation, and guidance to me as Entrepreneur and I believe to the entire group. She was able to build up a lot of confidence within the group after identifying specific valuable tips and strategies we could easily implement in each of our business proposals to become successful. With her wonderful smile, she patiently and persistently pushes me until I hit the empowering edge. Malla, I am thankful for meeting you, be aware of a new follower on all of your sites.”

– Digna M Fernandez

“I was part of an entrepreneurial program with Malla as the instructor for 3 months. I must say, if you have had any troubles moving your butt to get things done, you will not be able to do so with Malla at the helm. She challenged me to make moves and not sit in theory the whole time. Her classes and leadership are engaging and inspiring. Even beyond the program, she is quick to respond and offer help. Another important thing, besides being a coach, she practices what she preaches. Her knowledge comes from first-hand experience. If you get coached by Malla or taught by her, consider it a treasure.”

– Stephanie Mayer

“Only 3/11 sessions into Malla’s business course and this is how I feel, Malla: thank you so much. You are seriously amazing. You’ve already changed how I think about myself. And I never want to apply (read “grovel”) for a traditional job again!”

– Nicole Adair

“Malla is a fantastic coach! From the very first day of our 5-week program, she made us complete exercises that completely took me outside of my comfort zone and it was exactly what I needed! As entrepreneurs, we usually spend so much time by ourselves and without knowing we start playing it safe. Well, Malla busted through the doors of my business, turned all the assumptions I had on their head, and forced me to shift my attitude. The best part? Since working with her my sales have increased!! I’m so glad I met her and hope to continue working with her.”

– Jennifer Velasquez

“Learn to become your own boss and have fun doing it. Malla makes you dig deep into your passion and see how you can solve problems with your gift. Malla’s teaching techniques allow you to think like an entrepreneur in every area to succeed.”

– Miriam Purpose Germain

More Praise for Malla Haridat

“Such a privilege working with Malla at the FastTrac for Women entrepreneurs accelerator. Her passion and experience with entrepreneurs clearly showed and made all the difference to my experience. Charismatic and engaging as an instructor, Malla is not afraid to ask the tough questions!”

– Aaliyah Ameer

“Malla has helped me a lot with setting up my education business. Highly energetic and always encouraging. Thanks, Malla!”

– Yuri Tay

“I was struggling with clarity on defining my ideal client. After one session with Malla, I was able to gain more clarity and create a “sales pitch” that brings my ideal client to me as I build my tribe. Malla helped me hone in on the pain points my ideal client is experiencing. I followed Malla’s advice and her guidance continues to help me tremendously!”

– Dimitria L. Cook

“Malla is an excellent teacher and coach and mentor! She gets to the SOUL of your business, and she gets into your SOUL! Because she constantly ripped mine apart (in a good way), I am a NEW entrepreneur and I had no idea how much goes into being an entrepreneur! Malla breaks it down into the smallest molecule!! She pushes you and pushes you because she believes in you!! I was afraid in the beginning, but by the time the classes ended I got over my fears and owned my business!! She has given me an even greater vision than I had when I first met her!! I am confident my business will grow!


– Traci Powell


“Malla expertly cuts through your personal “noise” and gets to the heart of the matter. She listens to what you say, hears what’s not being said then creates an assignment to escort you to your growing edge. She wants you to win as a business owner and encourages you to apply a million-dollar mindset. I cried, laid on the floor, and blew bubbles in a corner when her astute perspective, words of wisdom resonated to the very core of my being. If you are feeling stuck…Malla will deal with all that and with her winning smile. TREAT YO’ SELF!”

– Monica MamaSoul Williamson


“What incredible insight, experience and resources Malla brings! Malla provided the feedback and enlightenment that helped me push my business to the NEXT LEVEL!”

– Catherine Lyle



“Malla is the go-to person for advice on running a small business. She is very knowledgeable in entrepreneurship and her warm personality is so refreshing. I highly recommend her for any project you are working on.” 

– Lourdes Melendez-Gamez


“I’ve been working with Malla for over 2 years and I have seen consistent growth in my business. This year, I quadrupled my revenue. Malla not only gave me strategic advice but also gave me the gentle push I needed when I wanted to spend way too much time planning and plotting instead of acting. If you’re looking for a coach to help you overcome practical and mental roadblocks, talk to Malla!”

– Jane Jones



“Malla is an amazing teacher and coach! If it wasn’t for her, I would be still just dreaming of a hypothetical business, but instead, thanks to her knowledge and ability to lead you into action, today I have a real, functioning business. Tomorrow, I’m launching my first-ever online course, all thanks to Malla Haridat.”

– Polina Porras Sivolobova


“Malla knows her stuff! Professional, fun and experienced.”

– Jessica Janniere

“Malla pushes you outside your comfort zone, usually with you not even realizing it and answering questions you didn’t even know you had.

An absolute must for anyone looking to develop their business. Organically, you not only gain business insight but a deeper understanding of yourself as a professional and individual. After just a few weeks with Malla my business grew almost 400% in sales in one month. With her coaching, the business and my professional development will continue to grow.

Malla Haridat is good for business and the entrepreneurial soul.”

– Jamie De Jesus

“Through past failed business engagements, I find it very hard to trust small business consultants. However, Malla is the rare consultant that earned my trust. She is very honest and straight to the point. She takes the time to write her explanations to me in detail. She doesn’t try to sell me a dream. However, she makes you face reality about what it would take to make your dreams happen. Also, there is no chasing Malla. She keeps her word which I find is a rare quality nowadays with other consultants. I highly recommend Malla for possible speaking engagements and consulting opportunities.”

– Jamaal Solomon


“Malla Haridat is a talented entrepreneurial spirit that shares her vast knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm with both youth and adults alike through various programs, collaborations, and new ventures. She is able to consult, teach and articulate her knowledge with great passion and professionalism with a focus on growth and lasting education.”

– April Patrick


“I have used Malla’s career coaching services for most of my formative years. Given my academic and professional experiences, Malla pointed out ways in which I could creatively and effectively market myself to potential employers, elite professional organizations, and mentors. I would recommend Malla to individuals seeking insight about strategic career transitions and executing a successful job search.”

– Uchenna Ngwudo

“I can truly attest to the effectiveness of Malla Haridat’s workshops and individual training strategies. For three consecutive years, Malla helped produce and deliver a career readiness curriculum for our organization in 5-7 locations nationally. In Los Angeles, we were able to see growth in the opportunities students were able to obtain after participating in the workshops. Malla not only was able to deliver a stellar workshop experience, but she was able to model the key components of a full cycle event experience from pre, production, and post-workshop interaction. Seeing this program develop each year it was clear to see the systematic approach that was second nature for Malla that would be extremely overwhelming for others.

Secondly, Malla’s training strategies were even more impactful on an individual basis pertaining to my own professional growth. After observing the techniques she was able to outline in her workshops, I was able to meet with Malla for a personal assessment of my own career plan. Malla was able to understand my core beliefs and help hold me accountable for them in the design of my professional goals. These meetings allowed me to articulate a higher level of passion and value in meetings, introductions, and interviews well beyond what I could have imagined.

Malla is truly gifted and committed to personal and professional development and I highly recommend her advisory council in any capacity.”

– Christopher S. Dennis

“Malla is a rare guide who naturally inspires and has the expertise to help you reach your defined goals. With focus and empathy, she is able to assess where you are in building your company and design a customized plan for long-term success.”

– Cat Miles

“Malla is a pleasure to work with, a knowledgeable career services professional who always has new ideas about how to engage students on campus. She is an expert in alumni engagement and relations and expanded her reach to allow myself and City Year to participate in alumni career events as an organization that hires many Columbia students. I have appreciated her efforts and support.”

– Diana Vining Ryan

“Malla is simply awesome. She is very capable of performing any task given with thoughtfulness and professionalism. She is creative, energetic and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.”

– Adlar Garcia

“Malla inspired me to succeed! Malla is incredibly bright and extremely knowledgeable, has her finger on the pulse of business, and has the amazing ability to bring out the best in people. There is something about her that makes you want to learn from her and succeed and pay it forward. She’s creative, tenacious, and a phenomenal businesswoman.”

– Jill Carlen

“Malla is driven, detail-oriented and gets results! She manages to do this the old-fashioned way: BY BUILDING GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS with her constituents!

Whether you meet Malla at a networking event or simply have an informal conversation with her, she always seems to be able to provide a wealth of knowledge and plenty of connections!!”

– Kyle Younger

“Malla is an exceptional person. She’s served as a coach, mentor, big sister — you name it, to many of the scholars in our program. She is thoughtful and thorough, delivering her product in a way that is easy for them to understand. Malla’s easy-going nature and her ability to come up with creative ideas also makes her a pleasure to work with.”

– Chantal Stevens

“Malla is a true pleasure to work with. The energy and enthusiasm that she dedicates to every endeavor are inspiring and are only matched by her professional efficiency. What sets her apart from others is her constant desire to match contacts together; in this regard, she has been very helpful in connecting people in both professional and social settings.”

– Saleem Ahmed

“Malla is motivational, sharp, and extremely resourceful. She is my go-to person with regards to cultivating new business relationships, building presence, growing as a leader and entrepreneur. Malla has participated as a panelist at Fordham’s Entrepreneurship Day event, and impressed students with her extensive knowledge on small business development, and personal & professional development. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a valuable contact.”

– Catrina DosReis

“Malla Haridat is someone I have known for several years as a Board Member of NAAAHR-GNY. Malla has always demonstrated professionalism in her work and her interaction with others. I have always been impressed with Malla’s commitment to excellence in everything she does. I have also noticed the energy she brings with her as well as her attention to detail. I have depended on Malla’s expertise in the field of human resources and her efforts to ensure she is up-to-date of changes in her field and her knowledge of the HR community. Her efforts with projects like the No Limits Career Day for youths provide an opportunity for young people to obtain guidance and support they might otherwise not receive.

Malla is a great team player as well as an outstanding person and professional. Any company, team or client would be very fortunate to have her.”


– David Hanley

“Malla is excellent at developing and delivering training and development programs and workshops that have a great impact due to her high levels of expertise, energy, and professionalism. She has also shown a great ability to lead and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Anthony Ives

“Malla is a person who will always win because she’s so committed to helping others win. She has a clear goal: to help women and minorities to discover their full potential, and then to use that potential to create their own businesses so that they can control their own destinies. I’ve seen first-hand how her process and know-how can make a person come alive and get them on the right track in creating not just a business but a SOLID one. If you’ve ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, I would definitely suggest that Malla be one of the people on your “advisory board.”

– Brian Gillard

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Malla Haridat, as I can confidently state that I’ve learned much from her. She is very organized, extremely focused, has wonderful follow-through, is a great team player, and can work well independently. She is also a phenomenal presenter and works well with students and parents alike. I cannot say enough positive things about her as she is, indeed, the epitome of a professional. Any company/office will certainly benefit by having Malla Haridat on its team.”

– Leah Dixon

“Malla is a self-motivated leader who takes the initiative to cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships. She consistently thinks ‘How can it be done?’ and takes measures to exceed her clients’ expectations.”

– Mykhael E.

“Malla Haridat is the consummate professional who sets a high bar as a talented leader, eloquent speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. Working with Malla for several years at the Center for Career Education and learning from her training sessions with non-profit organizations has empowered my professional and personal development. Malla’s commitment to life-long education and success at every level is inspirational to me and many others. As an adept communicator, she assesses goals and navigates from multi-level professional organizations to small classrooms of young students. Malla brings the best out of myself, her peers, her team participants, students, and clients.”

– Russell Malbrough

“So, what can I say about Malla?

 This is a historic period. Businesspeople are concerned about the ongoing viability and success of the organizations they lead. Increasingly business leaders are turning to insightful coaches, counselors, and advisors who have their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace.


I am delighted to say that Malla Haridat is one of those insightful leaders. She is knowledgeable and plugged in, passionate, dynamic, and committed to the success of her clients. She’s a straight shooter, a hard worker, and a caring contributor to the plans, strategies, and tactics of those who want only the best.


I have worked with Malla formerly, watched her from afar, and benefited from her enormous capabilities. I have seen Malla bring her creativity to an intense, in-depth, and energetic learning program for young people — novices in business; WOW a crowd of jaded Ivy-leaguers and apply hands-on support to those needing step-by-step guidance as they endeavor to forge a new direction in their lives.


I enthusiastically endorse Malla as a top-flight, competent, and vibrant resource whose work can serve as the underpinning of an organization’s quest for greater success.”

– André Taylor

“Malla Haridat is amazing, and I knew this before she was featured in the New York Times. During my stint as an advisor at Bank Street’s Liberty/LEADS program, she taught business entrepreneurship classes to secondary schools. Besides creating an engaging and compelling classroom atmosphere, she challenged students and staff to think outside the box.

Most exciting about collaborating with Malla is her professionalism as she is always prompt, always creative in devising solutions, and consistently adaptable. She taught students at Bank Street and then at Manhattan College. In addition, she worked with individual students who chose to compete in the Goldman Sachs business proposal contests and trained students during their leadership weekends.

Engaging, adept and always a colleague, Malla also sent clients my way in my private practice who became national scholarship winners. It is always a pleasure and learning experience to collaborate with the consummate business professional, Malla Haridat.”

– Angela C

“Malla has provided career development workshops for our students for the past several years. She is dynamic and engaging in her presentation, clearly and passionately communicating essential life lessons to young people. More than resume-writing and internship-searching, Malla shows students how to be confident and proactive self-advocates. She is 100% committed to giving our students all they need to be happy and successful.”

– Isabella Trauttmansdorff

“Women’s Venture Fund educates small business owners in the New York/New Jersey area. Malla presented seminars to our clients providing them with a roadmap to running a successful business. Malla is a master at combining real-life situations with proven business practices. She has a long record of extending support to her students beyond the course duration. Malla can bring continuous value to your organization.”

– Lezlie Browder

“Malla is the consummate professional. She communicates with students effectively and leaves them with lessons that serve them well in the months and years that follow. Entrepreneurial thinking is the story of her life and so she speaks with an intrinsic passion about how young people can take control of their own destinies. If you have the chance to work with Ms. Haridat, you should do your students that kind favor.”

– Keith Wilkerson