Class with Malla is phenomenal! It blew my expectation on what I thought business looked like to what business should be. I am extremely satisfied with the confidence, stability, and kick ass information that Malla instilled in me. I will forever be a more resilient entrepreneur than I ever was because of her! I would […]

Polina Porras Sivolobova

Malla is an amazing teacher and coach! if it wans’t for her I would be still just dreaming of a hypothetical business, but instead thanks to her knowledge and ability to lead you into action, today I have a real, functioning business. Tomorrow I’m launching my first-ever online course, all thanks to Malla

Jamie De Jesus

“Find your Unicorn”, her words resonate in my mind as I play thru conversations, review my notes and next steps Malla has suggested. Truth of the matter, is I have already found my Unicorn and the Unicorn is Malla Haridat. Malla pushes you outside your comfort zone, usually with you not even realizing it and […]

Fifi Asefa

I am deeply honored to have Malla as my instructor at Queens EAP class. I’ve learned so much about marketing, sales and strategy that is helping me through my entrepreneurial journey!

Rebekah Shoaf

Malla is approachable, encouraging, generous, and relentless. I was so motivated to push myself and to keep going because she supportively challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone and think of new ways to grow my business. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and can’t wait to do so […]

Marina Brown

Malla is such a breath of fresh air! She’s a goal getter, a motivator and pretty awesome at helping you want to be that way as well. She uses a hands on approach when coaching you. I have learned to not question myself and just dive in and if the worst thing that could happen […]

Chris Dennis

Malla’s coaching added the philosophy of selecting the right opportunities to not only pursue, but the opportunities to steer clear of. In so many cases trainers and coaches want to place their program or style over your life, but Malla took inventory of my skillset and passions and crafted the proper roadmap “with me.” Malla […]

Bonnie Brown

Because of Malla’s coaching support, I’m no longer afraid to take chances on my business, Dog Trainers Connection. We just filled a workshop quicker than we ever did before and people have to pay 20 times more for a ticket! Working with Malla is 100% productive because she gives us help that actually gets us […]

Marianne Moro

Marianne Moro

Malla helps you dig beneath the surface and get to the heart of what’s holding you back.  She focuses on strategies specific and gives you detailed advice on how to effectively market your skills to new clients.

Jillian White

Malla has an acute level of listening and can pick out clues about what you really dealing with like a detective. I highly recommend Malla’s coaching services if you are looking to have explosive business growth.